Friday, May 1, 2009

160 Jours et Nuits

Rustic Buffalo Burgers w/Truffle Butter and Beefsteak Tomatoes

Continuing on my luo han guo experiment ... I had a rather interesting test result today.

On day one, I tested my blood sugar response to a stevia-based sweetener. On day two, I used the luo han guo sweetener. Today is day three and I tested my blood sugar and blood pressure changes before and after consuming a ChocoCoffee without any sweetener.

Prior to drinking the CC, my blood pressure was a little high today: 130/76 with 79 heartbeats per minute. My blood sugar was 83. These readings were taken about two hours after my mid-day meal.

A half hour after drinking the CC, my blood pressure changed somewhat but in a rather unusual manner. My systolic reading went up 5 points (to 135) but my diastolic reading dropped 5 points (to 71). My heartbeats per minute also fell by 5 points (to 74 bpm). My blood sugar rose by 8 points - to 91.

What's interesting about this is that my blood sugar levels rose to a lesser degree when I used the stevia and the luo han guo. In other words, it appears (thus far) that these natural sweeteners *may* not increase blood sugar and could possibly blunt blood sugar slightly.

I'll know more as I continue using myself as a guinea pig. :-)

7:45 am

+ Wowee Zowee Protein Shake version 3.0 - 1 packet of Jay Robb protein (natural chocolate whey protein), 1 scoop of Amazing Grass Chocolate Greens, 4 oz of purified water, 1 tsp of organic instant coffee and 1/4 tsp of Also Salt

+ 1 heaping tbsp of organic coconut oil

1:30 pm

+ 2 organic Italian pork sausages

+ a small organic avocado

+ several tablespoons of organic sour cream

4:15 am

+ a cup of unsweetened ChocoCoffee

7:00 pm (pictured above)

+ 2 buffalo burgers topped with truffle butter

+ a large, organic beefsteak tomato

+ 1 tbsp or organic coconut oil

9:00 pm

+ a shot of organic espresso, sweetened with luo han guo

More to come ... I hope.


ms. v said...

interesting discovery!

Harry said...

Thanks, Ms. V! I'm having a fun time with my little science experiment. :-)

Paul said...

I asked jimmy today too if Truvia carbs impact blood sugar because it says 3 grams carb per packet. I like the testing you've done very interesting.

Harry said...

Thanks, Paul. The Truvia contains some sugar alcohols (in addition to the stevia). The product I'm using doesn't contain sugar alcohols in it's base - it uses inulin instead. This could possibly make a difference.

I'll continue on with the testing. Hopefully it'll yield some interesting results. Today I found a bigger blood sugar effect using 2 packets of the stevia product. Tomorrow I'll try 2 packs of the "luo han guo" to see what that does to my blood sugar.