Monday, May 11, 2009


Jalapeno Poppers and Avocado Slices

We're hoping to go on a walk tonight. My goal this week will be to get my exercise program back on track. I can feel the difference in my body composition when I slack off. It'll be interesting to see what the scale says when I get back on it - in a few weeks.

10:00 am

+ a cup of organic coffee with a stevia tab

12:00 pm

+ Wowee Zowee Protein Shake version 3.0 - 3 scoops of True Whey (natural vanilla whey protein), 1 scoop of Amazing Grass Chocolate Greens, 4 oz of purified water, 1 packet of organic stevia/inulin and 1/4 tsp of Also Salt

+ 1 heaping tbsp of organic coconut oil

2:00 pm

+ a cup of organic coffee with a packet of organic stevia/inulin

3:00 pm

+ a beef burger, topped with grilled onions and homemade Italian creamed spinach

7:00 pm

+ a cup of organic coffee with a packet of organic stevia/inulin

7:30 pm (pictured above)

+ Jalapeno Poppers - used farmer's market organic jalapeno peppers ... SUPER HOT! Wowza!

+ 3/4 of a farmer's market avocado

11:00 pm

+ a strong cup of organic white tea (3 tea bags worth)

More to come ... I hope!


NewVision said...

really it's just that I received a few reminders that convinced me that I'm not living up to my potential - because I've been allowing my dark mood to overtake me.

Sometimes we all need to be shaken up out of our mental funk. A family member did that for me recently and I'm grateful for it.
I came over here to hear more about this story. Care to share? If not just don't post this to your blog, it's ok. I totally understand.

Anyway, glad to hear your doing better. :)

Harry said...


I'll reply shortly. I'm running around at the moment but will get back to you.

Anonymous said...

I was inspired to go for a walk today outside, but ran out of time. I decided that I am going to goal to walk outside at least 2x this week. thanks harry =)

ms. v said...

what do you stuff your poppers with?

and excellent point about the exercise, I feel the same way. when I'm skating a lot, I suddenly feel a big difference in my legs. I gotta be less lazy. :)

Harry said...


I've dealt with issues relating to depression and anxiety for most of my life. It's quite possible that it's genetic in nature - based on some of my family tree.

Like you, I tend to worry a lot. Concerns weigh heavily on my mind and rarely allow me to feel content and care-free.

The trouble is ... this not only harms me but it negatively affects those around me. It only makes sense that it impacts those closest to me the most.

So recently, someone who is very close to me called me on it. I was in the midst of a "dark chapter" at the time. It was sort of an unplanned one-on-one intervention.

I was told how my mood (and subsequent actions) make others feel. I was given a dose of reality about how good I actually have it. Things were put in perspective. It was a painful experience but a necessary one.

Since then, I've made a conscious effort to not allow myself to slip into my dark corner. I can feel bad but I need to handle it differently and not allow it to linger. Life is for living. Pain is part of it.

I suppose I knew all this before but I needed to be smacked back into reality. Not my depressed, warped sense of reality.

Here's what I'm going to do different:

1. I'll exercise at least 3 times a week - but in a more moderate way, so as not to "burn out"

2. I'll get more fresh air and sunlight, get outside more

3. I've started taking a supplement to support a healthier mood

4. I'm trying to be aware of when I start feeling bad and then work toward resolving it within a reasonable time-frame. One night of being down is understandable. I'll rest and get it out of my system but I won't allow it to extend for days on end.

5. I'll base more of my actions on how they affect those that I love and care about.

I don't know if any of this will be helpful or even understandable. I hope some of it will.

This is not to say that I won't struggle and falter in the future. I most likely will but I'll try not to. If/when I do, I hope someone will re-smack me back to reality. :-)

Harry said...

Ms. V,

The stuffing ingredients can pretty much encompass anything you like. This time, I put organic cream cheese, organic sour cream, Italian chicken sausage and a three-cheese Italian blend.

In the past I've also included things like onions, shallots and even spicy salami. Almost any kind of cheese works well too.