Thursday, May 7, 2009


Breakfast for Dinner version 2.0

Day 2 of OKK. My outlook is brighter. I'm a man with a plan.

Yesterday, I wrote about a tea that's quickly garnering attention for it's beneficial effects on blood sugar abnormalities and the ill-effects associated with them. Since that's related to many of our struggles (and since some people like the taste of this LC-friendly tea), I thought I'd mention it here too: Rooibos and Blood Sugar

I mostly drink water with my meals (and coffee) but I know that having menu-variety can really help avoid the dietary doldrums. It seems to me that teas are a great way to address that issue on the beverage-front.

Apart from that, I saw a really cool video for U2's Magnificent yesterday night. Beautiful imagery.

Update: I went on a walk with the best walking partner in the world. Any guesses who? :-) One day I'll bring the camera and share just how beautiful a walk it is. 

8:30 am

+ a cup of organic coffee with a stevia tab

10:30 am

Wowee Zowee Protein Shake version 3.0 - 3 scoops of True Whey (natural vanilla whey protein), 1 scoop of Amazing Grass Chocolate Greens, 4 oz of purified water and 1/4 tsp of Also Salt

+ 1 heaping tbsp of organic coconut oil

2:00 pm

+ a rectangular organic beef burger topped with grilled onions

+ organic garlic broccoli

4:30 pm

+ a cup of organic black coffee with a stevia tab

8:00 pm (pictured above)

+ 2 organic omega-3 eggs, sunny-side up and placed over mashed cauliflower with truffle butter

+ several pieces of natural bacon

More to come ... I hope!


Vadim said...

Hi Harry! Sorry to respond a bit late to your comment about how to start weight lifting. I have been quite unwell lately. I am doing a lot of tests but it seems to be coming from my stomack , more like GERD and gas triggering adrenalin rush which in turn triggers all kind of unpleasant and debilitating symptoms. I keep my fingers crossed and hope I am very close to finding solutions.

Ok, as far as weight lifting routine goes, its quite simple. Unless you are serious about weight lifting or really into it, I wouldnt even start it in the gym. Lots of times people emulate other people or listend to advices of those who claim they know but really dont. Weight lifting is a science and ought to be treated serious to avoid injuries, metabolic burn outs and fatigue. Lots of people simply dont have a clue. Its blind leading or misleading the blind. I was talking more like calishtetics for you. Its simple, fast and convenient. You dont need lots of space, expensive equipment or too much time. I am talking about three best exercises on earth. They are called compound exercises, meaning they would work more than one muscle at a time and get you a nicve work out for many muscle. Its squat, push up and crunches. There are many variations to these, but if you start slow and with basics you will love them . You can do wall squats in the beginning to keep your back straight. Very important to have a right posture and correct form. So simply standing flat against the wall with your back flat against the wall and feet shoulder wide apart. Then squat until your butt is paralel to the floor. You can start slow, like 3 sets of 10-15 reps. Push ups are self-explanatory but I love doing them from the coach, its less strain on aback. As far as crunches I love doing them on a balance ball. At least consider it or try them and see how it goes. You either love it or hate it, lol, nothing in between. But if you dont like you can always do less or do something instead like not listening to me, lol!

Harry said...

Thanks, Vadim! A very good explanation! Much appreciated, my amigo. :-)