Sunday, May 24, 2009

182 일 및 밤

Saturday's Belated Entry

We made the most of our "play time". We stepped away from the poker table at about 10:30 pm. At that time, the only place open for a late dinner was the casino diner. Most of the options weren't really options for me. But, I was pleasantly surprised to find a "steak and eggs" dish on their menu. I asked them to "hold the toast" and bingo-bango. What more could an LC gambler ask for? Veggies? :-)

10:30 am

+ a few ounces of raw, organic cashews

2:00 pm

+ an "American Kobe" burger topped with grilled onions, a slice of tomato, bacon, cheddar cheese and a few slices of avocado

+ some steamed mussels

4:30 pm

+ a cup of black, iced coffee

10:30 pm

+ steak and 2 eggs

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