Sunday, January 25, 2009

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A Plateful of Love *

* My sweet wife prepared this most delicious breakfast. She's still not feeling 100% better and yet she found the energy to do it. Isn't she the best? All I was allowed to do was slice the avocado!

It's a beautiful Sunday morning and I do believe my lovely wife is on the mend! That's the best possible news!

Update: I just finished assembling a new entertainment stand for our home - with my brother-in-law (thankfully). I'm happy that's done with.

I'm actually not very hungry at all today. I had a big breakfast. I skipped lunch. And I'll likely have a light dinner later tonight.

Update: I eventually started feeling hungry (at around 8:30 pm) but I didn't feel energetic enough to prepare anything. But that's okay because I have a few "go to" meals that help me out in such circumstances.

I was able to whip something up that was rich in healthy fats, protein, non-starchy carbs and that satisfied my hunger and tantalized my palate. That's more than good enough, at times like this.

Sunday - January 25, 2009

11:15 am

+ a cup of "choco-coffee" - (2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 1 teaspoon of instant coffee, 1 packet of Also Salt and 1 packet of stevia + FOS and hot water)

12:45 pm (to be pictured soon)

+ "cheesy eggs" - (approx. 3 organic omega-3 eggs, a dash of heavy cream, organic cheddar cheese, sea salt, freshly ground pepper and Also Salt)

+ 6 slices of natural (nitrate-free) bacon

+ 3/4 of an organic avocado, sliced

5:00 pm

+ a cup of "choco-coffee" - (2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 1 teaspoon of instant coffee, 1 packet of Also Salt and 1 packet of stevia + FOS and hot water)

8:45 pm

+ thick sliced salami

+ approx. 3 oz of "Mitica Naked Goat Raw Milk Cheese"

+ a glass of red wine

11:45 pm

+ a strong cup of white tea (3 tea bags)

More to come ... I hope!


Vadim said...

I love how you chose different cheeses and try different things. I started experimenting with cheeses lately. I found that I am not crazy about hard aged cheeses, not my thing. I am more of a softer younger variety. I do love the Madregal from France though. Its a hard cheese, but so good. Its kind of a Swiss cheese taste but richer and fatter.

bayoubabe said...

Yes, Harry, your menu is as diverse as your personality :) hahah

You'd love some homey Down South Cooking :) Ever seen Paula Dean :)

You rock. P.S. Glad your better half is ready to kick butt (feeling better)

Harry said...

Trying new cheeses is one of my new favorite hobbies. :)

Finding a new variety that I genuinely enjoy feels like a real treat. And then I think to myself: Self, if I wasn't doing an LC program, I probably never would have even thought to try this exotic cheese.

I'm happy to see you posting again, Vadim. Glad to have you around. :)

Harry said...

Good day, BayouBabe.

I'm going to take that personality comment as a complement! :)

My wife and I often watch Paula Dean and the Food Network in general. We're real foodies.

Thanks for your well wishes and prayers for my better-half. I think they're helping! :)

Anonymous said...

Those eggs look so yummy. I am not really much of a cheese fan, but I'd eat those if you put them in front of me. Glad your wife is on the mend.

Harry said...

I think you just might like 'em, Sadekat.

My wife is a real wiz in the kitchen!

Thanks for your kind words. :)