Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Jour 67


- BOOM! I just got served! I'll be heading to the local courthouse (at a truly diabolical hour) tomorrow morning to report for JURY DUTY!

I'll report back as I'm able. But for now, I need to go practice my "crazy man" routine to see if I get off the hook! Wish me luck!

Today I had lunch with a few of my ex-colleagues in the film biz. It was good to see them both. I met them at my old place of work and we drove to a local Indian restaurant. The food was pretty tasty. It was served in a buffet style which was helpful - since we had a limited amount of time. Also, I'm not very familiar with Indian food and the buffet presentation allowed me to survey the grub before selecting the best LC options. :)

I think I did alright. I wish I would have remembered to bring my camera or to take notes about exactly what I ate though. Oh well. A basic description resides below.

More commentary to come ...

Tuesday - January 27, 2009

10:15 am

+ a cup of "choco-coffee" - (2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 1 teaspoon of instant coffee, 1 packet of Also Salt and 1 packet of stevia + FOS and hot water)

11:30 pm

+ a vanilla whey protein shake - (2 scoops of natural vanilla whey protein powder, 4 oz of heavy cream & 2 packets of Also Salt, 1 packet of stevia + FOS)

1:45 pm

+ Indian food - grilled chicken, savory lamb and a spinach side dish

Note: I had lunch with a few old workmates of mine. I think my food selections were all pretty low carb. Nothing tasted sweet and I felt fine afterward. Fingers crossed. :)

3:45 pm

+ a cup of instant coffee with a few ounces of heavy cream and a pinch of pure stevia

5:15 pm

+ a strong cup of white tea (3 tea bags)

7:15 pm

+ a fillet of spicy catfish (store-bought)

+ 1/2 cup of homemade mashed cauliflower

10:30 pm

+ a strong cup of white tea (3 tea bags)

More to come ... I hope!


Vadim said...

Harry, when will your podcast interview be heard? Was it in April? Jimmy just listed upcoming interviews up to and including April and i didnt see yours. Do you know when is it?

Harry said...

Mr. V,

I just checked Jimmy's site. I'll be on the April 6th podcast (under the name JP). Why? Because that's the name my parents gave me!

Harry is the name I often go by on the 'net. :)

NewVision said...

Good luck with your jury duty. My hubby had to do that a few months ago. It wasn't too bad for him. He really ended up enjoying it. Hope you do too!

Vadim said...

AAaaa, thats what I figured! It was asimple logic. Every one lese was either a woman or a Doctor! I know you said you were a writer not a doctor. Ok, look forward to it!

bayoubabe said...

Hi, if you ever want to get OUT of jury duty, just bring your BIBLE with you. Works every time ! :)

Glad you got out to eat something different.

Have a Blessed day, J.P.


Harry said...

Thanks, Jo!

Harry said...

Nice detective work, Mr. V. :)

Harry said...

Thanks, BayouBabe.

Excellent suggestion! :)

Oct said...

I played my MS card last time ... Boom. Out she goes. Good luck with it. If they do keep you, just think of it as another interesting life experience.

Harry said...

Good suggestion, Oct. :)

I'm trying to adopt that kind of a perspective.

Tomorrow is the deciding day. I'll know whether I'm in or out then.

As long as I don't somehow end up behind bars ... I should be okay.