Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Low Carb Alternate Day Fasting Experiment - Day 47

A fast day. I'll weigh-in again on Monday. My newest goal is to reach and establish a weight of 170 lbs. I think that would be even better than 175. It'll further reduce my BMI and may confer some additional health benefits. This will officially make me lighter than I'll been since I was in my teens. If I accomplish this objective, the next mission will be to maintain my weight while continuing forward with my alternate day fasting - which I plan to adopt as a long term eating plan ... albeit with a bit more flexibility.

10:25 AM - a cup of organic black coffee

1:00 PM - a cup of organic black coffee

2:35 PM - leftover carnitas w/ grilled onions, peppers, shredded Jack cheese and sour cream; an organic Roma tomato sliced and topped w/ queso fresco; 3/4 of a small organic avocado w/ natural prosciutto + most of my daily supplements

4:35 PM - a cup of organic black coffee

7:00 PM - a cup of organic black coffee

More to come ... I hope!

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