Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Low Carb Alternate Day Fasting Experiment - Day 63

8:35 AM - a cup of double strained Fage Greek yogurt, a Tbs of Nature's Hollow (no-sugar added) peach preserves and a few ounces of raw pecans + my morning supplements

10:40 AM - a cup of organic (black) coffee

1:15 PM - a leftover In-N-Out 3x3 w/ sliced tomatoes & pickles and 1 1/2 coconut flax muffins + my mid-day supplements

4:30 PM - a cup of organic (black) coffee

7:20 PM - homemade tuna salad w/ 2 organic Roma tomatoes sliced and topped w/ organic ricotta cheese & Italian spices; a serving of Almond Cocoa Butter for dessert + my evening supplements

More to come ... if all goes as planned.


Vadim said...

Harry, are you going to include more fruits in your diet now that you are at your maintanance stages?

Harry/JP said...


I'll likley have some berries or other low glycemic fruits on occasion. Probably some red wine as well.

I also supplement with a variety of berry extracts daily to benefit from the health promoting phytochemicals they contain - minus the fructose.