Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Low Carb Alternate Day Fasting Experiment - Day 41

It's Sunday. A fast and work day for me. Mad's working too. On the agenda? Checking in on my blood pressure and blood sugar readings and prepping for my upcoming interviews with several diet and weight loss experts. I hope you all are having an excellent weekend. We're thankful that our recent (and unusual) heat wave appears to be over.

9:10 AM - a cup of organic (black) coffee

9:45 AM - Blood Pressure: 105/62. Blood Sugar: 79.

11:00 AM - a cup of organic (black) coffee

2:15 PM - a spicy catfish fillet (Whole Foods), 3 low-carb "mushroom poppers", an organic avocado sliced and wrapped with natural prosciutto, a Roma tomato sliced and topped with soft goat cheese, a few slices of natural salami + the majority of my daily supplements

3:50 PM - a cup of organic (black) coffee

7:00 PM - a cup of organic (black) coffee

10:25 PM - a cup of organic chai tea

More to come ... I hope!

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