Monday, October 18, 2010

My Low Carb Alternate Day Fasting Experiment - Day 56

Roasted Veal w/ Fennel & Heirloom Tomatoes

I've officially reached my goal weight. Now it's maintenance time.  In other news, I'll post a new recipe tomorrow on HF that may be of interest to some of you. It's a low-carb muffin that's rich in fiber, healthy fat and protein. As an experiment, I ate three of my new coconut flax muffins and measured my blood sugar about half an hour afterward. The results? My blood sugar hardly budged. My post-meal blood sugar was 74 mg/dL. 

8:20 AM - a cup of organic (black) coffee

9:45 AM - a cup of Fage Greek yogurt, a tsp of Nature's Hollow (no-sugar added) apricot preserves, a few ounces of raw pecans; a homemade almond-coconut-flax muffin + my morning supplements

10:45 AM - Weight Update: 170 lbs   Body Fat: 18.1%

12:50 PM - a cup of organic (black) coffee

3:00 PM - three homemade coconut flax muffins + my mid-day supplements

5:05 PM - a cup of organic (black) coffee

7:30 PM - shared starters: ahi tuna crudo; roasted veal w/fennel and heirloom tomatoes; main course: a rib eye steak w/ sauteed black Tuscan kale + my evening supplements

More to come ... I hope!


Vadim said...

Congratulations! Awesome job! Harry do you know anything about low creatinine level in the blood? I just noticed that my last three blood tests show less then normal creatinine level.

Harry/JP said...

Thank you, Vadim.

Are your levels slightly out of range? If so, you might consider this:

"Low blood levels of creatinine are not common, but they are also not usually a cause for concern. They can be seen with conditions that result in decreased muscle mass."

The cause could be something as simple as dehydration.

Is your doctor alarmed by your results?

anne h said...

So - just about 2 months - will you post the final stats?
I bet you are one svelte guy!
One awesome and svelte guy.
Congrats! It's fun to read your blog!

Harry/JP said...

Thank you, dear Anne. You're too kind. :-)

I'm looking pretty thin - at least by my standards. I plan to post the results of my blood tests at the 3 month mark. At this point, I hope to maintain this weight and not lose any more. 170 lbs is a good place for me to be, I do believe.

Thank you for continually inspiring me with your own journey and blog. You're a super star in my book.

~Oct said...

That is so awesome JP, that you've reached your goal and that you have so diligently kept to the LC alternate day fasting. You are such a great inspiration and contributor to many more successes than your own.


Harry/JP said...


Thank you so much. You've really brightened my day. You too inspire me. I'm happy that many of us are still on this blogging journey together. It's a continuing source of support in a sometimes not so supportive world.

I'm really hopeful that fasting may be one more piece of the overall puzzle. I know you're experimenting with it as well. Anne too. It'll be interesting to see what we all find. The closest thing to a science experiment I've conducted in a very long time. :-)

SheZug said...

Hey! way to go on the weight goal. Supper picture looks yummy.

Harry/JP said...

Thank you, SheZug! :-)

Dinner was quite delicious. I especially liked having kale as a side. Not a usual option. But most welcome.