Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Low Carb Alternate Day Fasting Experiment - Day 33

A busy day ahead. It's a gonna be a fast day and a non-exercise day. It started off with ...

8:45 AM - a cup of organic (black) coffee

12:30 PM - (lunch out - baby shower) grilled onions & peppers, guacamole, chicken, fish and steak + the majority of my daily supplements

2:00 PM - an iced coffee (black)

5:00 PM - an iced Americano (black)

8:00 PM - a cup of coffee (black)

8:55 PM - meditation practice

10:30 PM - a cup of organic chai tea

More to come ... I hope!


anne h said...

A busy day - a fast day.
Fast and busy.
Hope it goes great for you!

Harry/JP said...

Thanks, Anne!

It went fairly well. :-)