Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Low Carb Alternate Day Fasting Experiment - Day 20

We're making breakfast and getting ready to watch some football! It's a beautiful, overcast day. Later I plan to exercise and meditate. And, of course, enjoy this feed day to it's fullest. We may even work on an HF recipe. The ingredients are in the 'fridge and ready to go! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

(Probable) Change of plans: I'll exercise tomorrow instead of today. It'll be interesting to see what it's like to work out on an ADF day. I'll also modify my eating pattern slightly to adjust for the exercise by adding a recovery (protein) shake to the mix.

Blood Pressure:
112/73. Blood Sugar: 67. Note: taken at 1:45 PM.

9:45 AM -
a cup of coffee (black) w/ a scoop of FOS/inulin

10:45 AM - a small piece of organic spinach feta egg bake, a medium (organic) Roma tomato, 5 slices of organic bacon + my morning supplements

1:30 PM - a strong cup of organic white tea

2:20 PM - leftover bonanza (smoked salmon & caper cream cheese spread, natural prosciutto, an organic Roma tomato and feta-stuffed peppers), organic red wine (Malbec) + mid-day supplements

4:00 PM - a cup of coffee (black)

5:00 PM - meditation practice

7:00 PM - 2 small branzino (European sea bass) fillets w/ a citrus-garlic aioli, roasted cauliflower w/ shallots, a glass of organic red wine + nighttime supplements *

9:15 PM - a strong cup of organic white tea

10:45 PM - meditation practice

11:15 PM - a strong cup of organic chamomile tea

* Recipe to be posted on HF on Tuesday.

More to come ... I hope!

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