Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Low Carb Alternate Day Fasting Experiment - Day 27

Something may be amiss with my blood sugar concentrations. I'm going to need to do some intensive monitoring over the next couple of days to be certain. The outcome may lead me to discontinue using my beloved Purity Bread. Oh the horror!

9:25 AM - a cup of organic black coffee

2:15 PM - natural salami w/artichoke & spinach dip, homemade spicy tuna salad on top of two slices of Purity Bread + the majority of my supplements

4:30 PM - Blood Pressure: 100/62. Blood Sugar: 96!

4:45 PM - a cup of organic black coffee

8:00 PM - a cup of organic black coffee

12:10 AM - Blood Sugar: 70.

More to come ... if it's meant to be.


anne h said...

Oh, dear!
I would take the carbs for you, my brother!
If only I could. was meant to be - more to come!

Harry/JP said...

Ha! I appreciate the offer, Sister Anne! :-)

I'll get to the bottom of things. Hopefully what I discover will assist others as well. That's the beauty of taking these occasional detours. ;-)

More to come!