Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Low Carb Alternate Day Fasting Experiment - Day 10

I had a hard time falling asleep last night. An odd type of headache was lingering just below the surface as I was trying to fall asleep. It almost felt like the pain was generalized - in my head and mouth. Well, it stuck around and prevented me from sleeping deeply for the first 3 or 4 hours of the night. Finally at about 4:30 I gave in and took a few Advil and eventually fell asleep. This morning when I took my blood sugar and pressure, I noted that they were unusually low. Could this have been the cause of last night's uncharacteristic headache? Perhaps. I'm going to start monitoring my blood pressure and blood sugar in the morning and evening from this point forth.

Wake Up Time: 8:45 AM Fell Asleep: 1:15 ish AM

9:00 AM - a cup of organic coffee w/ a spoonful of inulin/FOS and a splash of unsweetened vanilla almond milk

9:30 AM - Blood Pressure: 97/66. Blood Sugar: 61 mg/dL

9:45 AM - a cup of "double-strained" Fage Greek yogurt, a Tbs of Nature's Hollow (sugar-free) strawberry preserves, a few ounces of raw pecans and my morning supplements

12:45 PM - a strong cup of organic white tea w/ mint (3 bags)

1:30 PM - a homemade lamb burger, homemade organic guacamole and a half glass of organic red wine (Malbec) + my mid-day supplements

3:30 PM - a cup of organic coffee (black)

6:30 PM - natural prosciutto and salami (no nitrates), organic ricotta cheese with fresh (organic) basil, artichoke hearts and a glass of organic red wine + my nighttime supplements

8:45 PM - a strong cup of organic white tea (3 bags)

11:30 PM - a strong cup of organic chamomile tea (3 tea bags)

11:45 PM - Blood Pressure: 118/71. Blood Sugar: 75 mg/dL

Tomorrow morning I'll weight myself. Goodnight y'all!

More to come ... I hope!


anne h said...

I take an Advil at the drop of a LoCarb hat.
It's hard enough without enduring headaches.
Some kind of headaches, you know will resolve when you lay down and become still. Others.... well.....
Glad you are better, dear JP/ Harry!
I accidently typed "Happy!"

Harry/JP said...

Thanks, Anne!

I was hoping that it would go away while sleeping. Not this time. Advil is my last resort ... but I keep it handy for times like this. :-)

Vadim said...

Low blood sugar can definitely bring on cascade of symptoms. Glad you are feeling better!

Harry/JP said...

Thanks, Vadim! :-)

Hope you're doing well also.