Monday, March 23, 2009

121 дни и ноча

Egg-Shrimp Salad w/Organic Avocado Slices

Monday is my weigh-in day. "Weigh in day" was the term they used for our periodic weight measurements at the hospital where I was treated for my eating disorder (some 20+ years ago). The more things change, the more they stay the same. :-)

Here are my stats, ladies and gents:


This Week's Body Weight: 199 lbs.

This Week's Body Fat %: 27.4 %


Last Week's Body Weight: 201.8 lbs.

Last Week's Body Fat %: 28.3 %


2 Week's Ago Body Weight: 203.4 lbs.

2 Week's Ago Body Fat %: 26.4 %


3 Week's Ago Body Weight: 205.6 lbs.

3 Week's Ago Body Fat %: 28.8 %

4 Week's Ago Body Weight: 209 lbs.

4 Week's Ago Body Fat %: 28.5 %

5 Week's Ago Body Weight: 209.2 lbs.

5 Week's Ago Body Fat %: 29.2 %


6 Week's Ago Body Weight: 211.8 lbs.

6 Week's Ago Body Fat %: 31.7 %


7 Week's Ago Body Weight: 214.4 lbs.

7 Week's Ago Body Fat %: 33.1 %


8 Week's Ago Body Weight: 216 lbs.

8 Week's Ago Body Fat %: 32.7 %


9 Weeks Ago Body Weight: 217.6 lbs.

9 Weeks Ago Body Fat %: 33.8 %


10 Week's Ago Body Weight: 220.6 lbs.

10 Week's Ago Body Fat %: 34.1 %

11 Week's Ago Body Weight: 224.4 lbs.

11 Week's Body Ago Fat %: 36 %

12 Week's Ago Body Weight: 227.4 lbs.

12 Week's Ago Body Fat %: 35.7%

13 Week's Ago Body Weight: 228.2 lbs

13 Week's Ago Body Fat %: 38.2%

14 Week's Ago Body Weight: 230.6 lbs

14 Week's Ago Body Fat %: 36.9%

15 Week's Ago Body Weight: 231.8 lbs.

15 Week's Ago Body Fat %: 37%

16 Week's Ago Body Weight: 235.6 lbs.

16 Week's Ago Body Fat %: 38.9%

I worked out today. Staying on track there. I pushed myself harder than my previous few work outs. I'm trying to be smart about this ... pushing slowly so as not to risk injury.

Work out stats: Time: 45 minutes and 45 seconds. Incline: 3.0 - 3.5. Speed: 3.0 - 4.0. Distance: 2.83 miles. Warm up and cool down: Walking to and from the gym.

9:15 am

+ a shot of organic espresso

11:30 am

+ The Wowee Zowee Meal Replacement Shake - 5 oz of organic heavy cream, 3 oz of purified water, 2 scoops of natural vanilla whey protein powder, 1 scoop of Amazing Grass Chocolate Green SuperFood, a pinch of pure stevia, and 1/4 tsp of Also Salt)

3:30 pm

+ Coconut Wowee Zowee Meal Replacement Shake - 4 oz of organic coconut milk, 4 oz of purified water, 2 scoops of natural vanilla whey protein powder, 1 scoop of Amazing Grass Chocolate Green SuperFood, a pinch of pure stevia, and 1/4 tsp of Also Salt)

6:30 pm (pictured above)

+ Whole Foods Market egg-shrimp salad (LC friendly ingredients)

+ 3/4 of an organic avocado

+ an ounce or so of raw Sini Fulvi Ubriaco Alla Birra cheese

9:00 pm

+ a few pieces of CocoCocoa

More to come ... I hope!


Deborah said...

Hey Harry,
Congrats on coming in under 200 this week. If you dont mind....what is your goal? Will you be posting any progress pics of yourself aka before and afters? Looking forward to watching you cross the finish line and realize your goals!!!
Take Care and Have a Great Day Tomorrow!!!

Harry said...

Thanks, Deborah!

I believe my ideal weight should be around the 180 mark. I'm somewhere between 5'11 and 6 feet tall, with a rather large frame.

I could post pictures. I'm sure I have some of my heavier pics around somewhere. Maybe I can post them once I reach my goal (fingers crossed!)

Thanks for your kind words and support! :)

Oct said...

Ooh, grats and welcome to onederland. :) You are doing so well Harry. Truly and inspiration!

NewVision said...

Your in onelander. Yeah!!!!!
That is some impressive stats.

How are you dealing with the cravings ? Sometimes I find I can control them no problem, other times I have to nail myself to the living room chair so I won't go get something I'm craving. Other times, well unfortunately they are stronger than I am. I don't see you slipping at all. It makes me wonder what in the world is the matter with me that I can't control this. :(
Sorry, didn't mean to high jack your thread here. Your doing a great job Keep up all the great work you do.

Harry said...

Thanks, Oct.

Happy to be in "onederland". :)

Harry said...

Thanks, Jo!

re: cravings

For me the key is to eat really rich and nourishing meals - you know, high in fat and moderate in protein. I don't worry about calories really. That way I don't ever get to the point where my hunger gets too out of control.

I also try to keep flavorful LC foods always on hand (like interesting cheeses, naturally cured meats, homemade chocolate, etc). I guess it's a way of satisfying my desire for interesting, satisfying flavors without reaching for carb-heavy foods.

The rest of it is mental. I either find/come up with an LC version of what I'm craving or I just re-focus on the reason why I'm not eating the many things that I find pleasurable but that would lead to my ultimate demise.

There are times when I'm hungry (usually before bed) that I just decide not to eat - but I will drink extra water. I don't know if that late-night hunger is physical or psychological. I just know that I've probably nourished myself enough for the day.

That's also a part of it. I'm trying to find a better balance in how I look at food. I want it to be pleasurable but I'm trying to remember that food's primary purpose is nourishment. We can all survive with less pleasure but we can't survive without proper nutrition.

Sorry if that was a bit of a ramble. I haven't had breakfast yet and I may be a little loopy!

sybil said...

Great job on dropping into ONEDERLAND! Keep up the excellent work, Harry. Oh, and your exercise program and commitment to it is fab!

Harry said...

Thanks, Sybil! :-)