Monday, March 30, 2009

128 giorni

My New Green Drink

A new week, a new chance to keep steadfast in my commitment to striving for better health. I was hoping for a boost in confidence and morale this morning - as I hopped onto the scale. The results weren't quite what I was wishing for but there was still a sign of improvement, just not in the weight department.

The truth is that I should be much leaner (body fat %) than I currently am. My weight still needs to come down as well. But my goal really should be two-fold - a reduction in body fat and weight.

I also need to remember that I lost a considerable amount last week. Perhaps more than I should be losing over the course of 7 days. Therefore this slow down may just be a reaction to that prior loss.

I'll know more next week. In the meantime, my resolve is as strong as ever. Some days I feel up, others not so much. But I'm sticking to the program. I think if I can continue to do that I should be okay ... maybe better than okay! :-)

Afternoon Update: I worked out today. Distance: 3.7 miles. Speed: 3.5 - 4.0. Incline: 3.5 - 4.0. Time: 60 minutes, 60 seconds. Warm Up & Cool Down: walking to and from the gym.

Here are my weigh in stats, ladies and gents:


This Weeks Body Weight: 198.8 lbs.

This Weeks Body Fat %: 26.2 %


Last Weeks Body Weight: 199 lbs.

Last Weeks Body Fat %: 27.4 %


2 Weeks Ago Body Weight: 201.8 lbs.

2 Weeks Ago Body Fat %: 28.3 %


3 Weeks Ago Body Weight: 203.4 lbs.

3 Weeks Ago Body Fat %: 26.4 %


4 Weeks Ago Body Weight: 205.6 lbs.

4 Weeks Ago Body Fat %: 28.8 %

5 Weeks Ago Body Weight: 209 lbs.

5 Weeks Ago Body Fat %: 28.5 %

6 Weeks Ago Body Weight: 209.2 lbs.

6 Weeks Ago Body Fat %: 29.2 %


7 Weeks Ago Body Weight: 211.8 lbs.

7 Weeks Ago Body Fat %: 31.7 %


8 Weeks Ago Body Weight: 214.4 lbs.

8 Weeks Ago Body Fat %: 33.1 %


9 Weeks Ago Body Weight: 216 lbs.

9 Weeks Ago Body Fat %: 32.7 %


10 Weeks Ago Body Weight: 217.6 lbs.

10 Weeks Ago Body Fat %: 33.8 %


11 Weeks Ago Body Weight: 220.6 lbs.

11 Weeks Ago Body Fat %: 34.1 %

12 Weeks Ago Body Weight: 224.4 lbs.

12 Weeks Body Ago Fat %: 36 %

13 Weeks Ago Body Weight: 227.4 lbs.

13 Weeks Ago Body Fat %: 35.7%

14 Weeks Ago Body Weight: 228.2 lbs

14 Weeks Ago Body Fat %: 38.2%

15 Weeks Ago Body Weight: 230.6 lbs

15 Weeks Ago Body Fat %: 36.9%

16 Weeks Ago Body Weight: 231.8 lbs.

16 Weeks Ago Body Fat %: 37%

17 Weeks Ago Body Weight: 235.6 lbs.

17 Weeks Ago Body Fat %: 38.9%

9:30 am

+ a shot of organic espresso

12:00 pm

+ organic, omega-3 scrambled eggs

+ an organic, bratwurst sausage

+ an organic avocado

+ a few cubes of natural, salt cured pork (kind of like a fattier, thick slab bacon that comes un-sliced)

3:00 pm

+ a cup of hot CocoCocoa - organic cocoa powder, hot water, organic coconut milk and pure stevia powder

5:00 pm

+ The Wowee Zowee Meal Replacement Shake - 2 oz of organic heavy cream, 3 oz of purified water, 2 scoops of natural vanilla whey protein powder, 1 scoop of Orac Energy Greens, 1 tsp of organic instant coffee, a pinch of pure stevia, and 1/4 tsp of Also Salt)

8:15 pm

+ leftover leg of lamb (I think this is multiplying every time I close the 'fridge door)

+ homemade, organic creamed spinach

More to come ... I hope!


Oct said...

Believe me, you are doing amazing. Hey, and it's almost April! We get to experience your Jimmy Moore interview soon.

Harry said...

Thanks, Oct. :-)

I'm giving it my best shot.

I hope the interview turned out well. It's my first interview so I have no idea how I did. I hope it's not a total snooze-fest. Fingers crossed.

NewVision said...

Your doing great Harry. You have not faltered at all. Your a man with a plan and you are sticking to it. An ounce is an ounce and you lost 2....WTG!!!!

Say Happy Birthday to your Pops for me. =-)

Harry said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Jo. :-)

I'll tell my dad you wished him a happy b-day. He'll appreciate it!

sybil said...

Does your scale measure your body fat, Harry?

Keep up the great work.

Harry said...

Good day and thanks, Sybil. :-)

It measures both body weight and body fat %. It's an older model (about 7 years old) but I believe it still works quite well.

Newer models measure other aspects of body composition as well: