Saturday, March 28, 2009


I feel happy this morning. :-) It's a good way to start the day.

Afternoon Update: I don't know what to attribute it to but I feel fantastic today! Maybe it has something to do with my extended work out yesterday? I just feel more energetic, optimistic and hopeful today.

Anyhow, I mention this for a few reasons: 1) I think I may give the impression that I'm often "down" or struggling with life. That's often true but I hate feeling that way and I feel it's wrong to live life in that manner. 2) I really do hope, in some small way, to encourage anyone who reads this blog. I want to do something positive but at the same time, I want to be real about the ups and downs I go - because I think we all share that in common.

Update #2: The Pizza Boats were a smashing success! They tasted very much like thin crust pizza! Do you know how long it's been since I've had pizza? Me neither! :-)

10:45 am

+ a shot of organic espresso

12:00 pm (pictured above)

+ shrimp with sauteed spinach and onions

2:30 pm

+ hot CocoCocoa - (organic cocoa powder, hot water, organic whole coconut milk, pure stevia)

4:30 pm (pictured above)

+ LC Pizza Boats - pan-fried organic zucchini slices, organic mushroom marinara sauce, shredded asiago/fontina/parmesan cheese blend, sea salt, fresh cracked pepper blend and red pepper flakes

6:30 pm

+ a shot of organic espresso

8:30 pm (pictured above)

+ Whole Foods Market leg of lamb (I bought a lot of this!)

+ homemade, organic creamed spinach

More to come ... I hope!


Oct said...

You are breakfasting like you are on vacation in a very awesome place. :) Maybe overlooking the beach.

Harry said...

Well, we're not that far from the beach.

The shrimp dish was something my wife picked up at a local deli that we like. It's really tasty and healthy too!

NewVision said...

Pizza looks great. I'm gonna have to try that. Good idea Harry.

I think you should be real to your feelings. I too struggle with writing the bad stuff or the negative stuff. But that's life. We all have ups and downs. I always feel that I may need the information that I'm posting someday and I want to be as truthful about it as I can be. You know, the good, the bad and the ugly..... :)

Harry said...

The pizza really hit the spot. A pleasant surprise.

I think you're probably right about posting all feelings. I just hope/wish I would have more positivity to share. :-)