Friday, March 13, 2009

Der 111. Tag

Experiment Gone Bad - LC Double Chocolate Cookies!

It's Friday morning. That means it's my final gym day of the week. I'm going to try to get in a solid work out that will carry through the weekend. It's going to be a "working weekend" of sorts. I have my usual writing assignments plus two side projects that I've committed to: one involves writing a health-related article and the other project will transport me back to my prior profession ... the film business (doing "coverage" on scripts).

I hope you're all making it through this day in the best possible way. I'll try to do the same. Let's keep on the right track and help each other when the times are rough. We can do this!

Update: I did a 45 minute, 45 second treadmill work out today. My speed ranged from a low of 3.0 to a high of 3.7 (miles per hour). The incline remained at 2.5. The distance equivalent was 2.74 miles. As usual, I walked to and from the gym as my warm up and cool down time.

Update 2: I experimented with making a batch of LC cookies tonight. They didn't turn out very well. The consistency was too dry. They weren't sweet enough. And I should have made them smaller/thinner. Oh well. At least the ingredients were all healthy.

Anybody play hockey? I have some leftover cookies that could easily double for hockey pucks. The best news is ... I'll only charge you for the cost of shipping! :-)

9:45 am

+ The Wowee Zowee Meal Replacement Shake - 4 oz of organic heavy cream, 4 oz of purified water, 1 packet of Jay Robb chocolate protein, 1 scoop of Amazing Grass Chocolate Green SuperFood, 1 tsp organic instant coffee, a pinch of pure stevia, and 1/4 tsp of Also Salt)

1:15 pm

+ 2 organic Bratwurst sausages

+ an organic Roma tomato, sliced and topped with organic sour cream and raw Gruyere cheese

4:30 pm

+ a shot of organic espresso

7:00 pm

+ The Wowee Zowee Meal Replacement Shake - 4 oz of organic heavy cream, 4 oz of purified water, 1 packet of Jay Robb chocolate protein, 1 scoop of Amazing Grass Chocolate Green SuperFood, a pinch of pure stevia, and 1/4 tsp of Also Salt)

9:15 pm

+ 2 homemade LC Double-Chocolate Chip Cookies - made with organic coconut flour, pure (organic) cocoa powder, organic coconut oil, Jay Robb chocolate whey protein, organic chocolate chips, organic omega-3 eggs, organic vanilla extract, pure stevia and Also Salt

More to come ... I hope!


Oct said...

It's Friday evening ... we made it to the weekend! :) Sounds like you have some stress coming your way from work too. I'll let you in on a secret (though you probably already know). I'm not the optimist that you have recently been describing me as. I'm an anxiety-ridden chronic worrier. Funny thing is, I don't project myself to be that and therefore I have control over it. I choose to be positive and therefore I am. This is a big big deal because I'm not positive by nature. I changed the seemingly impossible.

Ah well, I don't know if that will help you find the sun but maybe knowing that you are a big part of my ability to believe in myself will help a little. I'm very glad that I met you Harry. Have a great rest of the day!

Harry said...

Thanks, Oct!

You did help a few rays of ultra-violet shine in. :-)

You know, I really admire the fact that you've transformed your "dark-side".

I know it's not an easy thing to do. I try sometimes but often fail. Though I think I can fake it better online.

A quick story: Several years ago, I attended a presentation by Dr. Bernie Siegel - he works with cancer patients mostly.

He recounted a experience he had when he met a very jovial doorman - while on a business trip. This guy was always upbeat and exceedingly kind.

One day, the doorman wasn't there and Bernie asked his colleague where he was. He was told that the doorman was given the day off to attend his son's funeral.

Dr. Siegel couldn't believe it. How could this man exhibit such generosity and kindness when his son had just died?

The lesson that Dr. Siegel took from that is that we're all suffering from the punishment that life offers us, day-in and day-out. Every one of us. But that doesn't mean we all have to go around and make others suffer with us.

The door man was a pretty incredible example. But that lesson is translatable to less dramatic/traumatic events in our lives.

One of my mentors (though he doesn't know it) is a guy named Dennis Prager. He has a great saying:

“Not only do we have a right to be happy, we have an obligation to be happy— because our happiness has an effect on everyone around us.”

Thanks for brightening my day. I hope you and Cro have a fun and restful weekend. :-)

Low Carber said...

Heya Harry

So was this a a mix or a recipie that you found??

One of these days we are going to get some good LC baked goods hehe

Harry said...

Howdy, Low Carber.

It was taken from a Coconut Flour cookbook that I own.

Practice makes perfect ... or makes more hockey pucks! :-)

Nice to see you around. I hope you're doing well.