Sunday, July 26, 2009

LC Tortilla Chips

OK, so only day 6 and already I was craving something chippy or bready. My friends marvel at how chocolate just sits around my house forever - but a bag of crispy, salty chips? They stand no chance - That's always been my personal downfall.

Anyway - you may have already tried this, but I just discovered that I could cut low-carb tortillas into neat little triangles and fry them in a little oil in a frying pan (I threw a clove of garlic into the oil for a little added flavoring), then salted them while still hot right out of the frying pan. MMM mmmm... Satisfied my need for something salty and pretty crunchy. Can't wait to try them with guacamole or use them to make nachos? (topped w/meat, cheese, sour cream and jalapenos)...

My husband came up with another idea. He thought they'd be delicious sprinkled with some Splenda and cinnamon while still piping hot.

OK - time for the mad LC scientists to hit the sack.

More tomorrow, I'm sure!



Erika said...

Yeah these are really popular to make! You can also stew some fruit with stevia and put that on top for a nice sweet crunch.

Have fun!!

anne h said...

I wasn't hungry but now I am...for your chips!

cilla said...

sounds yummy madeline,nice too hear your comments on here,keep the great work up :)

Low Carber said...

I love chips! I love chips, too! Hmmm well there is an alternative.. I don't know what your daily alotted carbs are.. but I recomend RW Garcia Organic Tortillia chips. I have only had the spicy and I loced them but they are a little high on carbs.. I was surprised that thye were considered low carb as they are about 10 net carbs per serving.. they are available from Netrition. I plan on adding them as a treat when I get to maintenance :)

~Oct said...

ooh, why didn't I think of that! That one is a "must try" idea that I will try soon. yum! Thank you Mrs. Harry. :)

You should have Harry set up his blog so that you can have your own user, avatar and sig. Like Chai does on her and her brother's shared blog "We Kin Get Thin". Then I'd know right away that it's you rather than first assuming it is your hubby out of his normal voice. Well, it didn't take me long to realize it was you. Glad you are both blogging! :)

M Ali said...

Low Carber,

I can have VERY few carbs and lose weight, but I am using very low carb tortillas (only 3 net carbs per tortilla). These have at least two layers, so I even try to tear the tortilla into two layers (sometimes I can sometimes I can't). But that gives me a thinner layer to fry (crispier) and even lower carbs. I think I can get easily 20 or more chips out of only one tortilla, so very few carbs indeed! Dont know if these low carb tortillas are available where are, but I agree - I would have to wait for maintenance to try the Garcia chips.