Tuesday, July 28, 2009


9:30 am

+ a cup of organic instant coffee (black)

11:30 am

+ an LC Coconut Peanut Butter Fribble Shake (made with vanilla egg white protein)

1:30 pm

+ a cup of organic instant coffee (black)

3:00 pm

+ 3 lamb sausages (from Whole Foods Market)

6:30 pm (dinner out)

+ "Wood Fired Calamari w/Parsley, Chorizo, Confit Meyer Lemon (appetizer)

+ an oyster with "chive-pink pepper mignonette" (donated from my wife's plate)

+ NY Steak with Chimi Churi Sauce

+ Curried Asparagus (shared)

10:00 pm

+ an ounce or two of raw Gruyere cheese and natural prosciutto

More to follow ... I hope!


*Fitcetera* said...

waiting with bated breath!

Harry said...

Nothing all that exciting, I'm sad to say. Just a posting delay! :-)

anne h said...

What is a fribble? Is it like a Tribble? You can put them in a shake? hehe

Harry said...

Kind of, just less furry and liquefied! ;-)

Actually, it's a type of milk shake that I tried once (while back East). The taste was great. The name was even better. :-)