Friday, July 17, 2009


Jumbo Shrimp Dinner

Mystery Lighthouse

Dangerous Phooning

Flower Clue

Heading out on a day trip. More pics to come ...

9:30 am

+ a cup of black coffee

10:30 am

+ Feta stuffed green olives

+ tuna fish salad

2:00 pm

+ large shrimp cocktail

4:30 pm

+ a large Cafe Americano (Dunkin Donuts)

6:30 pm

+ a 10 oz tenderloin steak in a red wine sauce

+ a side of baby asparagus spears

+ a glass of Italian Pinot Noir

11:30 pm

+ an organic 87% dark chocolate bar

More to come ... I hope!


*Fitcetera* said...

Another PHOON! PHantastic!
I don't travel enough to know where you are at all but I'm enjoying this anyway.
Hope you & yours are enjoying yourselves ... it looks as though you are!
Those shrimp look very yummy.

Oct said...

I know where you are but I'll keep your secret. What a lovely vacation spot though. Hope you are having a great time and enjoying it fully!

anne h said...

Boston (hold the cream pie) is my best guess...
Only cus that's the only place "back east" that I can name without looking it up...
The Chef Menu still looks great!

anne h said...

Have they banned Phooning in Boston?

Erika said...

What in the world is "phooning"? hahahha

Those prawns look amazing! Did you actually get through them all?!

Those images are just to die for, you keep enjoying your time away.

....Jealous! lol

Harry said...

Thanks, Fit! We're having a swell time!

Harry said...

You're an eggsellent detective, Ms. Oct! :)

Harry said...


You're pretty darned close.

Phooning may be banned in Boston ... but not here (that I know of)! :)

Harry said...


Those jumbo shrimp were for all of us! I can't eat that much all by my self! :)

Phooning is that "mock running" that you saw in a couple of my pictures. At least that's what I understand it to be. I've never been very good at reading guidelines or following rules. :)

Erika said...

I can't imaging fake-running would be done often enough to actually have a name. That's so funny!