Friday, February 20, 2009

Ελληνικά Η 91η ημέρα


I'm psyching myself up for my upcoming exercise routine. I plan on putting in as much effort in it as I do with my diet. If I can accomplish that, I should be able to stick with the exercise and derive many of the benefits.

Update: I see that U2's No Line of the Horizon just received 5 stars in the new issue of Rolling Stone. I can't wait to hear it, in it's entirety! Something to look forward to. :-)

Update 2: You can listen to the entire U2 album (for free) on their My Space page! Here are the details!

10:15 am

+ a cup of instant coffee with a few ounces of organic low-fat milk and a pinch of pure stevia

11:45 am (pictured above)

+ thick sliced natural salami

+ 2 organic Roma tomatoes topped with organic sour cream and raw, aged gruyere cheese

3:45 pm

+ a lamb burrito bowl - ground lamb, sauteed with onions and mixed with organic sour cream & spicy chipotle salsa

6:15 pm

+ a cup of instant coffee with a few ounces of organic low-fat milk and a pinch of pure stevia

9:00 pm

+ an In-n-Out "3x3" - three hamburger patties, three slices of American cheese and grilled onions

+ 1 organic Roma tomato, sliced

More to come ... I hope!


Oct said...

Good luck with the new exercise regime. I'm sure you will tackle it with zest just like everything else I've seen you do. That's very cool about U2, thank you for the link.

pooti said...

Harry! Thanks so much for the link to the new U2 album. I can't wait to listen to it. I will look forward to listening on Sunday when we get back!

Your menu looks great. Where do you get the natural salami? I splurged in decadence and picked up some Boar's Head Hot Sopressata but I know it has gunk in it. I love salami and haven't eaten any in ages!

Congrats on doing so well with eating. Good luck on the exercise. I know you will do famously!!!

Ok, well I gotta run. We're leavin early in the morning! :hugs:

Harry said...

My pleasure, Pooti! :)

We usually get the salami at the health food store(s) - around here, that typically means "Whole Foods" or "Trader Joe's".

We tend to prefer the stick form of salami - rather than the pre-sliced type. But both can be found in nitrate-free versions.

I really hope your Mom's birthday is a truly blessed and joyful time for you all. :)

Low Carber said...

Go Harry Go :)