Saturday, February 14, 2009


The Wowee Zowee Breakfast Slam!

My mouth is continuing to improve. Hooray! So today my menu will basically be back to normal. I'll probably just avoid anything too spicy or acidic.

Right now, my lovely valentine is preparing a delicious late-breakfast. I'm a very, very, very lucky fellow. The fact that she's an excellent cook is the least of the reasons why! :)

There's a new item on my menu today: Amazing Grass Chocolate Green SuperFood

I tried it the other day at a local health food store. The ingredients are excellent and so is the taste. I figure it'll add some additional veggies and low-sugar fruit extracts into my diet.

Update: I added a recipe for a new "meal replacement" shake I made this afternoon. I think I'll have this on a regular basis. It's delicious. It provides all the elements I'm looking for in a meal: a good source of protein, fat, fiber, low in carbs and nutrient dense. It's also really easy to make and clean up is a snap. I used a small, plastic shaker cup to make it.

Update #2: As some of you may have noticed, I've temporarily stopped drinking wine. At first, I did so because of my mouth situation. But then I noticed that I also lost more weight last week ... while I was avoiding alcohol. So, for the time being, I'm taking a break from "the sauce".

But here's the thing. I'm a firm believer in the health benefits of red wine (for most people). What to do? What to do? Well, what I'm doing is taking a red wine supplement to compensate for the lack of actual red wine in my diet. This supplement is supposedly 3 times as powerful (antioxidant-wise) as a typical glass of red wine. It's also alcohol and calorie-free. Price-wise, it's about $6 per month. Much cheaper than buying organic red wine.

This is the product I'm using: Doctor's Best Biovin

10:45 am

+ one heaping teaspoon of instant coffee, one scoop of Amazing Grass Chocolate Green SuperFood, a pinch of pure stevia and about 4 oz of purified water

12:15 pm (pictured above)

+ "cheesy eggs" - 3 organic omega-3 eggs, a dash of heavy cream, Monterey Jack cheese, grilled onions, freshly ground pepper and sea salt

+ several slices of natural bacon

+ 3/4 of a small organic avocado

Note: I couldn't finish the eggs. About 1/4 of what you see (on the plate) was saved for leftovers.

4:30 pm

+ The Wowee Zowee Meal Replacement Shake - 2 oz of organic heavy cream, 2 oz of purified water, 2 scoops of natural vanilla whey protein powder, 2 tbs of organic flax meal, 1 teaspoon of organic instant coffee, 1 scoop of Amazing Grass Chocolate Green SuperFood, a pinch of pure stevia, and 1/4 tsp of Also Salt)

7:30 pm (pictured yesterday)

+ 2 baked chicken thighs

+ 1/2 cup of creamed spinach

More to come ... I hope!


Oct said...

Very interesting! Does Amazing Grass Chocolate Green SuperFood taste like chocolate at all or how would you describe it? I love reading your food choices, Harry. Happy Valentine's day to you and your wife.

Vadim said...

Harry, no offense but reading your blog is just as having a relief form constipation. I always feel refreshed and excited. Not only your menus look so delicious and inspiring, but your continued imagination and strive to find new products for you and us doesnt seize to amaze me. Hey, Happy Love Day to you and your wife!

Harry said...

Thanks, Oct!

I hope you and Cro are having a wonderful Valentine's Day too. :)

re: Amazing Grass SuperFood

It's very chocolaty - which I like.

This morning I added it to my coffee. This afternoon, I added it to my usual protein shake.

I like it a lot. It doesn't taste like "greens" or veggies at all. I just basically taste the chocolate.

I'll post the ingredients for my SuperFood Protein Shake in today's menu. I think I'll be having that shake on a regular basis.

Harry said...

No offense taken. :)

Thanks for your kind words, Mr. V.

NewVision said...

Happy Valentines Day to you and Mrs. Harry.

Glad to see you adding Flax seed into your diet. :)

Harry said...

Thanks, Jo.

Right back at ya (and Mr. Vision)! :)

pooti said...

Harry, cool for you finding a new way to get vitamins in! Chocolate green stretches my imagination! ;)
Your menus are still beautiful and I'm glad your mouth is feelin better!

Congrats on the more weight loss! I'm afraid I found your wine this weekend! But I'm back off the hooch again now.

Happy belated Valentine's Day dear!

Harry said...

Thanks, Pooti. :)

I hope your Valentine's Day was really special too.

I'll check out your blog soon to see what exactly you and Denny were up to.

I think drinking a little vino on V-Day doesn't count. I'm pretty sure that all the major weight loss experts agree on that one. ;)