Saturday, August 15, 2009


Burrata and Heirloom Tomato Appetizer

Steamed Asparagus w/ Lemon Olive Oil and Sea Salt

Pork Belly and Chop with Garlic Puree

New York Steak with a Stewed Tomato and Roasted Garlic

Details to come ...

10:30 am

+ an LC Coffee Protein Shake

3:00 pm

+ guacamole with crab meat

+ a hamburger topped with cheddar cheese and sliced tomato

+ a glass of unsweetened iced tea

8:30 pm (pictured above)

+ heirloom tomato and Burrata cheese salad (shared)

+ New York Steak with steamed asparagus

+ a bite of a pork chop and pork belly

+ a glass of red wine (Syrah)

12:00 am

+ a small handle of raw, organic cashews


Anonymous said...

Wow it appears you are dining out recently...or is this Chef Wifey? Because if it is, I demand she become the next food network star!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you licked your pork belly and chop with garlic puree plate clean. I want to go swim in a garlic puree. It sounds so yummy. :P

*Fitcetera* said...

Mouth watering! Boy does that look delicious.

Harry said...

Thanks, Nancy!

All of these pics were from restaurants we visited on our trip.

But, I'd love to see Mad on the Next Food Network Star. She be great on that show - cooking-wise and personality-wise. :-)

Harry said...


Let's just say "dignified" isn't a word often used to describe my eating habits around dishes like that!

It was a plate-licker indeed! :-)

Harry said...

It tasted at least as good as it looked, Fit! A real winner, winner chicken dinner!