Saturday, August 22, 2009


12:00 pm

+ 3 large, no sugar or flour chocolate walnut cookies (ala Wifey)

+ a cup of organic coffee with a splash of organic half-and-half

2:30 pm

+ an organic avocado

+ a few ounces of raw Comte cheese

+ a small slice of Cajun salami

4:15 pm

+ a cup of organic, instant coffee (black)

7:15 pm (pictured above)

+ 2 natural, spicy lamb sausage (Whole Foods Market)

+ several Pizza Gondolas


Angie said...

Those cookies are making me hungry! I would kill for that recipe!

Harry said...


I'm sure Mad'll post it as soon as she's next online. I'd tell you myself but I don't know all the ingredients and proportions. I can only tell you that they're really satisfying ... I don't miss the flour or the sugar at all! Very hearty too! :-)

~Oct said...

Looking forward to that recipe too!

Harry said...

Coming soon!

*Fitcetera* said...

Oh my ... those cookies look really good.
Yes, please, Mad ... do share the recipe!

what happened to "more to come ... I hope" ?
I miss that.

Hope everything is well in your world!

anne h said...

Cookie ala Wifey are no doubt the BEST kind.

Choco/coffee cookies?

Anonymous said...

I wish you and Maddy would post your recipes and link them on the side, we wanna try them too!!! Cookies, yum!!!

Harry said...

Recipe has been posted!

Harry said...


I can add that back, Fit. :-)

Things are going quite well indeed. Hope for the same back at ya!

Harry said...

You said it sister Anne.

Another good idea ... the chocococoa cookie. You're on a roll!

Harry said...


I'll do that more often from now on!

Good suggestion!

Anonymous said...

I need to make the pizza gondolas, I bet that would be yummy!