Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Peppers and Pork ala Wifey

I'm sorry for my recent absence. I'll update today's menu later tonight.

In case you're wondering, I haven't fallen off the wagon. I'm still LCing. I've just had a bit of a hard time keeping up with everything. I felt like I needed to take a step back for awhile.

The good news is that my time away has reaffirmed my view of the importance of keeping a record of my daily food intake. For me, it's simply a question of remaining conscious of my health goals and priorities. Without enough structure, I feel as though I'd likely get into some trouble down the line.

So I guess I'm going to try to get back to old ways - daily menu blogging. But every now and then I'll likely drop off the radar. I haven't allowed myself that luxury in the recent past. I hope this a way of establishing a more balanced approach to my crazy life.

I appreciate all of you who have dropped by and left such supportive comments lately. I haven't visited many of your sites as much as I'd like. That too will resume today.

11:30 am

+ an LC Coffee Protein Shake (homemade)

2:30 am

+ a mug of LC ChocoCoffee

4:30 pm

+ an LC Peanut Butter Protein Shake (homemade)

7:30 pm (pictured above)

+ feta and goat cheese stuffed peppers with basil (from our parent's garden) and pork al pastor (from Whole Foods Market)

10:00 pm

+ a cup of LC Hot Cocoa


anne h said...

Harry, Harry, Harry....You are a good man.
I vote for what ever works for you!
In other words, I got your back, too.

Harry said...

Danke, Anne! Mucho appreciated! :-)

Nancy said...

your blog gives me ideas for future meals!
thanks for the advice, I totally could not do my treadmill today, I was so exhausted from my daughters bday party but I plan to jump on it tomorow morning for sure!!

Harry said...

Thanks for letting me know that, Nancy. I'm happy to hear it. :-)

Just doing things around the house or staying active in other ways - running errands, taking care of your kids, etc. ... all help to burn off extra carbs. It's funny, earlier today I was researching how many calories are burned doing domestic activities. I found out that "light cleaning" burns around 240 calories per hour; "heavy cleaning" clocks in at 430 and "playing with your kids" burns roughly 215 calories!

Moving around, in any way, is the key!

Vadim said...

Harry, these things happen, especially those who have higher consciousness. I have noticed recently that people with less acutely developed sense of honor and responsibility can do whatever and sleep well no matter what. I know exactly what you are going throuhg at times. I totally get it. Mind, especially one like yours which is caring, compassionate, sharing and one that gives a damn unfortunately overcompenstates at times with doubt, depression and sense of not doing enough! Harry, I wont tire myslef repeating how supportive and needed you are by many and I am sure you know that. But that doesnt mean Harry owe us anything. If Harry feels overwhelmed and needs a time off. so thats what it ll be! I am happy you are back and feeling better. I havent been blogging, but I do find time to read other blogs. My mother is not doing so well. She is still recovering from surgery which went well. However, the surgeoun was impressed by the size of her tumor in the liver. Basically its all over the liver. There is nothing that they could have done.So at this point all hope and bets are on very intensive chemotherapy. They hooked her hepatic artery to the pump which is located under the rib and will start administer heavy dozes of chemo next week. If it works there is hope for dealing with it in many ways and even small hope for cure or at least years of life, if not they are giving her 3 to 6 months to live. As soon as I heard that I almost fainted. I cant bear to see her suffer and there are so many young women in there with breast cancer. It certainly gives you a better perspective on life and better appreciation. Hang in there my friend!

Harry said...

Dear Vadim,

I'm so sorry to hear of this news.

I will hope and pray that the chemotherapy will provide a ray of hope for you all.

Please allow me to share a brief anecdote with you. Many years ago, I went to a presentation given by the great cancer patient advocate, Dr. Bernie Siegel. He explained that he believed that how a person viewed his/her treatment could impact it's ultimate success.

Dr. Siegel described how, prior to treatment, he'd ask all of his patients to draw a picture of their prospective therapies. Some would represent chemotherapy or medications in a loving way - such as a healing light or a "Pac Man" that was eating up their cancer. Others would describe their treatments in more fear-based ways.

Dr. Siegel recounted that those with the more optimistic representations generally found better results and fewer side effects.

This is not to say that our mind is entirely in control of the outcome of treatment. I wish it were. It's also not to find any fault in those who are understandably frustrated and scared. I just hope that this information may help to give you and your mom a bit of an advantage and hope.

In case you're interested in learning more about Dr. Siegel's work and the support groups he offers, you can check out his site:

My best to you, your mom and all your loved ones.

Vadim said...

Thanks! I do believe it also. I do beleive in miracles as well. Mind is a powerful entity and who knows how much we do or do not know yet. After all we are still a bunch of atoms and molecules walking around for a while amongst vaste universal unknown. We are intresting species indeed but also vain and full of ourselves. We dont know jack but we think we do. At this point I do keep my mind open for all possibilities!

Here is a anecdote for you my friend, hopefully it makes sense since I am trying to translate it from Russian. Its about perspective and Jewish guilt. Here we go: Its 5 am and Yakob is turning and twisting in bed seemingly upset over something. His wife Sarrah is trying to comfort him and wants to know why he is not asleep. Jacob sais to her: Oh dear Sarrah I didnt tell you this but for your anniversary I borrowed $500 from Moeshe upstairs and now I dont know how to repay him and he is pressuring me more and more to repay him. Sarrah looks at her husband and said: I ll be right back. 20 minutes later she comes back and sais" Jacob now you can sleep like a baby I solved your problem. Jacob sais: how my dear? She sais: simple, I went to Moishe and told him, Moishe you remember my husband borrowed $500 dollars so I am here to say that you will never see it back becaause my husband just declared bancroptsy. So Jacob, said Sarrah let him turn and twist now!

Harry said...


I'm happy to hear that you are still hopeful. That can only help.

I know that many people are praying and wishing for only good things for you and your family during this difficult time.

Please keep us posted and know that you're in our thoughts.

PS - Please do your best not to neglect your own health as well. Staying strong and being healthy will be best for you, your mom and family.

Angie said...

Those peppers look sooooo good.

Harry said...


The peppers rocked. Fresh from our parent's garden. Mmm. Nothing better than fresh food.