Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Conscious eating. It's vitally important and I needed a reminder. Well, I got one!

I put on a couple of pounds this past week. The culprit? I suspect too many of the LC chocolate walnut cookies. My hunch is that the weight will be gone by next week. Still, it's an important finding.

I've been hovering around my goal weight for quite some time now. I'm right about at 180 lbs, which is my "goal weight". In general, it hasn't been difficult for me to stay put there. But, this past week was a good reminder to keep my eye on the ball.

I just wanted to share my little detour with y'all. You never know when one person's misstep can be useful information for someone else. So please, watch out for this kind of pothole! :-)

10:30 am

+ a mug of LC ChocoCoffee (2-3 tablespoons of organic cocoa powder, 1 tsp of organic instant coffee, 2 packets of stevia and inulin, a dash of Also Salt and hot water)

1:30 pm

+ an LC Peanut Butter and Coconut Milk Shake - a few tbsp of organic peanut butter, a few ounces of organic (full fat) coconut milk and cold water, a scoop of natural vanilla egg white protein, organic sprouted flax meal, 3 ice cubes and a dash of organic stevia and Also Salt

4:00 pm

+ a mug of LC ChocoCoffee (2-3 tablespoons of organic cocoa powder, 1 tsp of organic instant coffee, 2 packets of stevia and inulin, a dash of Also Salt and hot water)

+ psyllium husk capsules (part of a periodic cleanse)

6:30 pm

+ 2 "cowboy burgers" (beef patties embedded with bacon, jalapeno pepper and onion) topped with slices organic cheddar cheese

+ an organic, sliced Roma tomato

10:30 pm

+ a handful of Marcona almonds


anne h said...

LC PB? May I ask the name of it? Any certain kind? Net carbs? Or just "naturally" low in carbs?

Harry/JP said...


Sorry for the confusion ... it's just plain ol' organic peanut butter. I meant that the shake itself was relatively LC.

The brand of PB I'm currently using contains 6 grams of carbs per 2 tablespoons - 3 grams of which is fiber. 3 net carbs.

It's a good thing I'm not writing instruction manuals, eh? :-)

anne h said...

You are THE man, dude!
I thought that LC PB was the regular ole everyday stuff.
And the gain - ETOH does it for me EVERY TIME. Alcohol. It's just not worth it to me.
No more MD 20.20 for me!

Anonymous said...

I'm still going to make those cookies...around here they wont last long enough for me to eat many. :-)

Angie said...

Those cowboy burgers sound GOOD!

Harry/JP said...

Let us know how they go over, Nancy! :-) Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Harry/JP said...

They're delicious, Angie. Very moist and flavorful! A creative twist on the standard burger!

Erika said...

Heheheh yeah cookies get me too, lc or not lc.

Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Irene said...

Thank you for the info...I will be looking out for the pothole!!

~Oct said...

I agree with Angie ... cowboy burger sound GOOD. I'm sure that Cro makes something similar and I love it. :)

Thanks for posting about your brief pitfall ... it does help me to know that other people struggle too and be reminded that this is a live-long commitment, not a race to goal and then homefree for life.

Harry/JP said...

Thank you, Erika! Likewise! :-)

Harry/JP said...

Thanks, Irene. More potholes to come for me, I'm sure! ;-)

Harry/JP said...

I'm happy to know it served some good purpose, Oct. Thank you for letting me know.

This reminds me of an old saying. "Don't think of your mistakes as failures. Think of them as bad examples." :-)