Monday, August 17, 2009

Mad's Comeback?

Hi Everyone!

Sorry it's been a while since I've had a chance to check in. I was crazy busy at work, followed by our wonderful anniversary trip. But now that we're back I wanted to fill you in a little on my progress on the program. Today ended week three for me. Weeks 1 & 2 I lost 4 1/2 pounds. (Yippee!) But week 3, I gained 1 1/2 pounds. (Boo!). I was really bummed, but realized that I had to give up my beloved Starbucks Frappacino Lights. They are relatively low in carbs (10 gms in a tall). But that, along with the other small amounts of healthy carbs I was ingesting, might have been just too much. I also had a small fall off the LC wagon while out with a girlfriend during week 2 (drank an alcoholic beverage with some juice in it). SO... This week, I tried to make the adjustment, and we'll see what happens. I wasn't able to weigh myself this morning, because we were still away, so I will do so tomorrow morning and let you know the outcome.

Hope you are all doing well!


Anonymous said...

For a minute I was reading this and thinking...wait a minute, Harry is married, why is he out with a girlfriend!!!!!???

Then I realized you're his wife! LOL
I found your blog while you were on hiatus I guess and only H was blogging. Nice to meet you.
I'm totally impressed with your cooking and wish you would have a cooking show I could watch on TV...

Erika said...

Great to see you back, Mad!

Sounds like you've identified your pitfalls and know exactly how to over come them. You go girl!! lol

anne h said...

It's a thin thin line, the amount of carbs for me...
It doesn't take much and I see it right away.
Glad you're both back and LOOKIN' GOOD!

Angie said...

Yay! Mad's comeback! So nice to see you posting....

Harry said...

Thanks, everyone!

Mad probably won't get back on 'til later tonight but I'm sure she'll be very happy to find all your kindness and support! :-)

Hope y'all have a great day!


*Fitcetera* said...

Madeleine ... I totally mashed up the spelling of your name in my last comments on the pics of you and Harry ...
so may we just call you Mad, then?

I had to give up the Frapp lights as well.
Now I do the coffee protein shake thingy with added cocoa kinda/sorta Harry style. It works for me.

Good luck in finding your groove and what works best for your body!

Madeleine said...

Hi Nancy!

HAHAHA! I love that you think I should be cooking on TV! All the cooking (sometimes creative, sometimes not so much) is just an attempt to keep things interesting.
But thanks for the compliment and if you ever catch Harry out with his girlfriend again, please let me know!!

Madeleine said...

Hi Erika,

I'm hoping the pitfalls have been identified! Thanks for the encouragement. Back at ya!

Madeleine said...

Hi Anne,

Yeah - it's been a real struggle to figure out where that line is.
But I'm sure I will. But thanks for the hearty welcome back!


Madeleine said...

Thanks, Angie!

Madeleine said...

Hey Fit,

Yeah - I've started blending up my own coffee drinks too, but I really miss my fraps! :-(

But please do call me "Mad". Everyone does. And NO ONE ever spells my name right, cuz it's a weird spelling.
Thanks for the kind words of encouragement.