Friday, August 28, 2009


Another hot one out here on the West coast. Lots of drinking as you can see. I'm fine with that. It's actually kind of pleasant break. It give my jaw a rest. :-)

In all likelihood, it's going to end up being a rather busy weekend. We have a few fun things planned but I'll wait to update on those until they come to pass.

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for all the inspiration and support you provide us with. It's much appreciated!

10:30 am

+ an LC Coffee Coconut Milk Shake - a few ounces of organic (full fat) coconut milk and cold water, a scoop of natural vanilla egg white protein, organic sprouted flax meal, 3 ice cubes, a tsp of organic instant coffee and a dash of organic stevia and Also Salt

2:00 pm

+ a mug of LC ChocoCoffee (2-3 tablespoons of organic cocoa powder, 1 tsp of organic instant coffee, 2 packets of stevia and inulin, a dash of Also Salt and hot water)

4:00 pm

+ an LC Purple Tongue Maker - a few ounces of frozen wild organic blueberries, frozen organic raspberries, organic (full fat) coconut milk, cold water, a scoop of natural vanilla egg white protein, a dash of organic stevia and Also Salt

8:00 pm

+ a grilled salmon fillet with steamed broccoli (at the Casino)

5:30 am (you read that right)

+ an LC Peanut Butter Protein Shake - several ounces of cold water, a scoop of natural vanilla egg white protein, a few tbs of organic peanut butter, organic sprouted flax meal, a dash of organic stevia and Also Salt


*fitcetera* said...

Rainy and 60's here today ... good for *not* blogging and reading and watching the Office. (I like that show)
Hope you and Mad have a fun-filled weekend on the Sunshine Coast! Will that be full of drinking as well? :D
Air show here most likely (if there's no rain)

Thanks for the solution ...
always hidden in plain sight.

p,s, decided against making the lc walnut cookies. they may get in my mouth ... all of them at once. i'm not sure i could control myself right now with just one or two.

anne h said...

Drink it up, Harry.
Drink It up, Mad.
Too hot to eat?
Drink it up, ya'll!

Erika said...

I'm so jealous of you and all the warm weather! *she says from inside, all rugged up and the windows closed because it's blowing a gale and raining*

Have a great weekend!

Harry/JP said...

Howdy, Fit!

So far we're having a fun weekend - played cards last night. :-)

Probably lots of drinking - mostly of the non-alcoholic variety. ;-)

I can understand re: the cookies. It's something I need to keep an eye on too.

Hope you have a weekend filled with many laughs and limited access to cookies!

PS - We like the Office too. Don't get to watch it very often anymore. But whenever we do, we laugh and smile a lot.

Harry/JP said...


Mad's not much of a drinker - she's always struggling to drink enough!

Me? I'm perfectly happy having two liquid meals a day. I'm an odd duck, I suppose.


Harry/JP said...

I wish we could ship over about 15 degrees your way, Erika. It's a little too toasty in sunny California, if you ask me.

Still, we're in a spot where complaining about the weather is truly distasteful. The climate here is as close to ideal (if you like sunny, mild days) as is known to man.

Hope your weekend rocks as well!

Angie said...

WOW! Late night!! Did you have fun??

Harry/JP said...

Sure did, Angie!

We came out ahead (playing poker at the local casino). That always adds to the enjoyment. :-)

Hope you're having a fun weekend as well!