Friday, August 14, 2009


8:00 am

+ a mug of LC ChocoCoffee

1:00 pm

+ pork al pastor (from Whole Foods Market)

+ 2 small organic Roma tomatoes

+ a few tablespoons of organic sour cream

+ a sampling of Flax Snax

2:30 pm

+ a cup of instant, organic coffee with cream and stevia

6:30 pm

+ a cup of instant, organic coffee (black)

8:00 pm

+ several thick slices of sopressata

+ an organic avocado

10:00 pm

+ a handful of organic, spicy pumpkin seeds


anne h said...

How did I miss this - you said the "A" word!

By the way - often my comments don't show up here - *sigh*

Harry said...

I posted the details a bit late. Besides, we actually have two anniversaries this month - 1) the day we met and 2) the day we got married. So, you're timing is perfect.

I'm not sure why your comments aren't showing up. Please let me know if that continues to happen. Maybe I can contact Blogger to inquire about the problem.

Thanks, Anne!