Saturday, June 27, 2009


Pizza Canoes and Lamb Dogs

We're going racquet shopping this afternoon. I foresee some tennis action in our near future. Look out birds, neighbors and low flying planes! :-)

12:00 pm

+ LC Mocha Ice & Cream Shake - 3 ice cubes, a few ounces of organic heavy cream and 4-6 oz of purified water, 2 scoops of Amazing Grass Chocolate Greens, 1 scoops of Jarrow Unflavored Whey Protein, 1 scoop of organic sprouted flax meal, 1 tsp of organic instant coffee, a splash of organic vanilla extract, stevia and Also Salt - blended up using my handy-dandy immersion blender

2:30 pm

+ a cup of organic, black coffee with 1 packet of organic stevia/inulin

3:30 pm (archive photo above)

+ 3 Pizza Canoes - Italian-style stuffed tomatoes

+ 3 spicy lamb sausages (from Whole Foods Market)

5:30 pm

+ a cup of organic, black coffee with 1 packet of organic stevia/inulin

7:00 pm (dinner out)

+ rib eye steak topped with grilled onions

+ sauteed spinach

More to come ... I hope.


Gayle Fox said...

Hi Harry, saw this on twitter this afternoon and immediately thought of you...
although an older article, I'd be interested to follow up.

Harry said...

Thanks, Gayle!

The research on cocoa and coffee continues to impress me.

I touched upon the information you linked to in this recent Healthy Fellow column:

I personally make sure to get a daily dose of both (pure, organic) cacao and coffee. They are both "superfoods" in my book. :-)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I enjoy reading all your positive Tweets. :-)

anne h said...

Tennis, anyone? Sounds like fun1

Harry said...

Got the racquet. Let the games begin!

Paul said...

That looks good enough to eat Harry! I was wondering if you ever came across people that have too much calcium in thier bodies. I wonder if maybe people with fibromyalgia may have that.

Harry said...

Thanks, Paul!

I've read quite often about a lack of magnesium possibly playing a role in Fibromyalgia symptoms. Getting excessive quantities of calcium from food and supplements is possible. Getting INadequate magnesium from the average diet (and without careful supplementation) is a very real possibility as well.

This article may be of interest with regard to magnesium and FM:

A quick search turned up a scientific abstract that actually suggests that lower than normal intracellular concentrations of calcium may be present in FM patients.

Same goes with magnesium, it seems:

And then there's this:

The latter seems to indicate a disturbance in the processing and retention of certain minerals (like calcium and magnesium) in those with FM.

FM is often considered a very complicated syndrome to manage. The treatments vary widely but magnesium is very commonly among them.

I hope that helps a little. :-)

Erika said...

Ohhhh grilled tomatoes! MmmMmmmMmmMmmmm!!!!

Off to check out that health fellow link now! :)

Harry said...

They were tasty with a capital T, Erika! :-)