Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The Battle of the Low Carb Sweeteners

I'm doing something different tonight. I'm heading off to our local casino to play cards. Why? A few reasons really. 1) I need to get out more. I tend to be rather hermit-like. This isn't very healthy. When I go to the casino, I'm forced to interact with all kinds of interesting people - it's a pretty eclectic bunch. 2) On our recent trip to the desert, my wife and I actually did very well at the No Limit Hold 'em tables. So, I'm hoping to pick up a little extra cash while doing something I enjoy. Wish me luck!

Resolution: Starting back up with the 3x weekly gym work out. Friday morning will be my start point. Nothing fancy, just a moderately intense treadmill work out lasting 30-45 minutes + warm up and cool down time. Done, finished, end of story.

Update: I just posted my preliminary Luo Han Guo/Stevia experiment results. I'm calling it "The Battle of the Natural Sugar Substitutes"!

10:00 am

+ a cup of organic, black coffee with 1 packet of organic stevia/inulin

12:30 pm

+ 2 free-range (but not free!) turkey sausage patties

+ an organic avocado

3:30 pm

+ LC Hot Cocoa - 3 tbs of organic cocoa powder, 1/4 tsp of organic stevia and 1 heaping tbs of organic, sprouted flax meal

6:15 pm

+ Super Powered Wowee Zowee Protein Shake version 3.0 - 3 scoops of True Whey (natural vanilla whey protein), 2 scoops of Amazing Grass Chocolate Greens, 4 oz of purified water, 2 packets of organic stevia/inulin, 1 tbsp of organic sprouted flax seeds, 1 tsp of organic instant coffee, 1/4 tsp of Also Salt

+ 2 tbsps of organic coconut oil

More to come ... I hope!


Vadim said...

Harry, sorry havent followed up on your blog for a few days. But I am catching up. Do you know what causes those blue momnets? Is it chemical simply or do you think it might be some subconcshous issues, have you seen a specialist? What drives you, whats your passion? What do you like to do when you have free time? Do you care to share?

anne h said...

I liked the pork picture so much I got some for myself. Way good! Looks like you are continuing to do well!

Harry said...

No worries, Vadim. I'm still hanging around. :-)

I think it's partially genetic and partially circumstantial. But I know I'll beat it. I do so everyday by never giving up.

I've seen many specialists with little success. Though I must say that my life was saved (in my teens) via intensive psychotherapy. Those were my eating disorder days.

I will find an answer however. Currently, I'm experimenting with a few natural strategies to improve my state of mind.

My passions have always been natural health and films.

In my free time, I like to spend stress-less time with my wife and family, relax in nature, watch films, eat delicious food, surf the 'net, participate in and study about natural medicine. I also enjoy being around animals very much - cats are my favorite. :-)

Harry said...

PS - I hope you've been doing well. I left a comment for you awhile back (on your blog) but I don't know if you got it.

Harry said...

I'm happy that you liked it, Anne!

One of these days, I'm going to make some homemade pork shoulder. If I don't screw it up ... it can be very tasty!

Vadim said...

Harry, its so intresting that you mentioned cats. I have been a dog owner all my life, all of them german shephard. I never cared for cats that much and they striked me as too independent and way too reserved for my tste. But I am getting a ragdoll kitten for my parents. i saw him and fell in love. Glad you shared what makes you excited. I know you will be successful becuase you are so resilient and resourceful!

Anonymous said...

Hey Harry, have fun in the casino! I don't really talk too much about my job, but I work in the casino industry.

Hmmm, pork, I should cook some while the hubby's away.

Harry said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Mr. V! :-)

I have no doubt you'll fall completely in love with that little cat in no time! Trust me when I tell you that they have a special way of working themselves into your heart!

Harry said...

I didn't know that, Sadekat!

My wife and I enjoy playing poker quite a lot. How much we enjoy it largely depends on where we play. The other week we had a really good time while away on a mini-vacation. Last night, I didn't have as good of a time because I played at a less friendly place that was closer to home.

Go for the pork, I say! I recall that you have a Whole Foods near by. You may be able to find the same variety there - the Pork al Pastor. It's usually available near the the burrito/taco food preparation area ... at least that's where they have it around here.

Take good care!

Anonymous said...

ooohhh yea! pork al pastor al la whole foods, I'll look for that tomorrow!

Harry said...

Hope you like it as much as we do! :-)