Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hold the Buns

I had my head handed to me at the casino last night. I was feeling kind of down prior to going and I thought a little distraction would be helpful. I played like I normally do (which tends to result in minor winnings). But, this time I just couldn't catch a break.

Naturally, I felt undercurrents of demoralization setting in as I quickly realized I was the loser guy at the table. But, I didn't succumb to those demons. I stayed positive and tried to have fun anyway.

I also didn't stop to comfort myself at the dozen or so fast food joints that lined the streets on my way home. I felt a strong magnetic pull but resisted it. Instead, I went directly home and was rewarded with plenty of sweet hugs and kisses from the love of my life. I made myself an LC Mocha Shake as well - as a good butt kicking can work up quite an appetite. The end of the night finished strong.

10:00 am

+ a cup of organic, black coffee with 1 packet of organic stevia/inulin

11:30 am

+ 2 organic, spicy pork sausages

+ 2 small, organic Roma tomatoes sliced and topped with organic sour cream and soft goat cheese

3:45 pm

+ LC Mocha Ice & Cream Shake

7:30 pm (pictured above)

+ 2 organic beef burgers topped with grilled shallots, organic provolone cheese and LC ketchup (xylitol sweetened)

+ 3/4 of an organic avocado


anne h said...

Strange magnetic pull.. a double victory for Harry and the Love of his life! And a LC Mocha Shake to boot!

Oct said...

I feel rather happy? Wrong word, but good feelings that you have those cravings too, because so do I. I look up to you so much and knowing that you aren't a robot, that this isn't easy for you either, well the words aren't coming to me but it's nice to know that it's a difficulty we share, even though I would wish us both freedom from that problem in a heartbeat if wishing worked that way.

Anyway, sorry for the muddled sentiment but big grats on your internal strength and not letting food be your comfort. :)

Jade said...

Good on you for keeping your spirits up! jade

Harry said...

Thanks, Oct.

I do struggle, pretty every day. Some days are easier than others though.

I'm the furthest thing from being robotic. If anything, I'm probably way too sensitive for my own good and for the good of others. I need to work on that.

Thanks for your support. It does help. :-)

Harry said...

Thanks, Jade. :-)

Harry said...


I'm convinced that same "strange magnetic pull" makes it so difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

Jade said...

You seem like a heck of a nice guy and a helpful one at that. :) I am going to try my hand at your pizza canoes for dinner. Don't give in to that "magnetic pull". I've been there too and the only way to beat it is to keep moving. Your friend, jade

Harry said...

I hope you enjoy the LC pizza treats, Jade.

Please let me know if you add anything different to the mix and how it works out. There's always room for delicious improvements.

Thanks for your kindness. :-)

Low Carber said...

Yes, I was feeling the same magnetic pull in the store, yesterday. They had fresh eclairs full of deliceous goo... I had to stop myself.. but don't we all get these urges eery so often...

Stay in good spirts, Harry! Win or lose at cards doesn't change the fact that you are a stand up Guy!!

Be well, friend :)

Harry said...

Many thanks, LC. :-)

Will do my best.

Jade said...

My canoes were delicious. I'll post a photo tomorrow. I used fresh basil leaves chopped up with cream cheese and then sprinkled it with a spice mixture that I bought from the farmer's market called Jaz's Best Herbal Delight - Ingredients - Thyme, Dill, Rosemary, Oregano, Basil, Parsley, Red Pepper, Garlic, Kosher Salt and Cracked Peppercorns. Then I laid one basil leaf over the cream cheese and then sprinkled with an Italian cheese mix (already shredded from grocery store). I broiled on low until all nice and bubbly and brown. What a wonderful treat. Kudos to your wife for coming up with this idea. I can serve this as a healthy appetizer anytime. My next attempt will be the jalepeno poppers. Thank for having such great meals posted on your blog.

Harry said...

I'm happy (and relieved) that you enjoyed them, Jade. I'll let my wife know as well. She'll love to hear it.

Thanks for letting me know and good luck with Jalapeno Poppers. I hope you like them equally well (or better)!

I'll look forward to the pics. :-)

Harry said...


PS - My wife suggests that you try adding some soft goat cheese and/or some pepperoni or sausage to the recipe too. That is, if you'd like a little added meat and tanginess to the mix.

With a little experimentation, we'll surely come up with ways to make the canoes even more delicious. Let's compare notes along the way. Should be fun. :-)

Jade said...

Here is a photo of my canoes. They were very tasty and hary, I'll try some of your wifes ideas next time.

Harry said...

Thanks for sharing your photo, Jade! Those look great! :-)

Jade said...

Don't really know how to get the photo to show up, I did it in photobucket. Any ideas for next time? Getting ready to go on a hiking/walking trip for a week. 5 different states. I am trying to do a 10K walk in all 50 states. This time it is Tx, La, Mo, Ka, and Ok. It is most likely going to be hot as hades. LOL
Nothing exciting for dinner tonight. Two "wild caught" frozen salmon patties from BJ's cooked on the George Foreman grill. I think they have a lot of added sodium which I really don't need. It is going to be hard when eating out for the next 8 days but I will try to make the best choices that I can. I'll check back when I get home. Want to make those poppers. Keep the spirits up, Harry. Hey, you are in California if I recall. I still need that state. LOL

Harry said...


I was able to view the pic by copying and pasting the URL address you provided. The pic looked good - not very large in size, but big enough to give an idea.

When I have a picture to share, I typically just post the URL in the (comment) post - which usually links back to one of my two blogs.


That's the hamburger pic I posted the other night.

There's probably a better way to do things but that's the way I've been stubbornly clinging to. ;-)

I hope you have a wonderful trip, Jade! That sounds like a really excellent adventure you're embarking on. Good for you!

Yes, we're in California. It's starting to warm up here but it's nowhere as hot as some of your upcoming destinations. Stay well hydrated!

Look forward to hearing about your hiking vacation. Be safe and have lots of fun!