Saturday, June 6, 2009


Spicy Shrimp and Avocado Slices

Pizza Canoes with Coppa

12:00 pm

+ a cup of organic, black coffee with 1 packet of organic stevia/inulin

1:30 pm

+ Super Powered Wowee Zowee Protein Shake version 3.0 - 1 scoop of Jay Robb Natural Chocolate Whey Protein (25 grams of protein), 2 scoops of Amazing Grass Chocolate Greens, 4 oz of purified water, 1 packet of organic stevia/inulin and 1/4 tsp of Also Salt

+ 2 tbsps of organic coconut oil

5:00 pm (pictured above)

+ wild caught sauteed spicy shrimp

+ sliced organic avocado

7:00 pm

+ a cup of organic, black coffee with 1 packet of organic stevia/inulin

9:30 pm (archive pic above)

+ Pizza Canoes with natural, sliced coppa

11:30 pm

+ a strong cup of organic white tea (3 tea bags per cup)

More to come ...


anne h said...

My little "ground beef in a plastic bowl" runs away and hides when I look at your pics! Style and Substance. And you've got both!

Harry said...

Nothing wrong with ground beef! As you know, I'm a big burger fan myself. Some might say too big a fan! ;-)

Have you ever tried making a "burrito bowl"? I haven't made one in awhile but I used to have them all the time.

In case you haven't encountered it before, it's basically ground meat (any kind will do), sour cream, salsa and other optional ingredients like grilled onions and shredded cheese. Essentially, it's what you'd find inside a burrito, minus the beans and rice.

Anyhow, I just thought I'd mention it as an easy and tasty ground beef alternative.

Thanks for all your kind comments directed my way, Anne. I appreciate it. :-)