Thursday, April 23, 2009

Durch Meinen Zählimpuls 152 Tage.

Well folks I have two items to confess:

1) My wife just left on 3 day trip to New York with our nieces. First off, this means that I may appear to be a bit more lost than usual. This may appear to be the case because it will likely be the case. Secondly, I will not be posting my traditional meal photographs for a few days. But I will happily post some of my wife's photos from NYC when she returns home (with the camera). I hope that's a fair deal. :-)

2) I didn't work out today. My legs are still quite sore from Monday's elipitical + treadmill workout. I'm beginning to wonder if elipitcal trainers are leftover remnants from the Spanish Inquisition. Hmm. Maybe time travel is possible.

I'm tentatively planning on working out tomorrow. If I do so, it'll be a mellower sort of routine.

7:45 am

+ a large mug o' ChocoCoffee

+ 1 tbsp. of organic coconut oil

12:45 pm

+ one organic, rectangular burger on a bed of homemade mashed cauliflower

6:30 pm

+ a large mug o' ChocoCoffee

+ 1 tbsp. of organic coconut oil

8:30 pm

+ 3 slices of turkey (thin deli style) and 3 slices of prosciutto all wrapped around a homemade Italian creamed spinach filling

More to come ... I hope!


Oct said...

I hope our wife and nieces have a fun visit to New York. Is it mostly vacation inspired or will she be there on business as well? Either way, New York is a long way from the west coast and I know you will miss her. Just think of the reunion. :)

I love my elliptical, but I'm not able to use it to the point of torture ... I do understand how it can muscles sore though. I've felt a mild bit of that myself.

Deborah said...

Hey JP/Harry just checking in to say hi!!! Looks like ya got yourself some freetime this weekend.

I had some exciting news yesterday. My 19 year old son Michael, who currently attends community college and works as a producer for their music venue Alter Ego, has been noticed. He wants to get his degree in public relations and he applied for an internship yesterday at Q 101/ The Loop, an alternative radio station here in Chicago and got offered a job at the interview. There is no pay just college credit and lots of valueable experience. As a mom I am so worried about this kid who wants to work in such a highly competitive field. I just wanted to say part of the reason I come to your blog is I was so inspired by the work you do. You sort of implied your wife is also in the entertainment field as well and its great to know thats its defineately possible to pursue your dreams and make a good living if you work hard enough. My daughter who is a junior has always been an awesome student so I dont worry about her but my son is just an average student but he has incredible drive. He is sort of a loner though and at times Ive thought maybe he was somewhat depressed. Your courageous battle with depression and your continued drive to write and inspire others makes me believe that by sheer determination this kids might just be able to pull off his dreams.

Have a great weekend Harry. I just wanted you to know that its more than just the diet and the pictures that is inspiring about you!!!

Thanks Again for sharing yourself!!

Vadim said...

New York, New York! Is it the first time she is in NY or was it mostly for her nieces?

Harry said...

Good day, Oct!

The trip is a combination of both pleasure and work.

About my muscle soreness ... as much as I didn't want to, I think I pushed my body too hard too fast.

I'm going to treat my body gentler this week and see how that goes. By that, I mean both mentally and physically. :-)

We'll all figure it out. It's all part of the learning process, right?

Harry said...

That's wonderful news about your son, Deborah! :-)

There's no replacement for having passion for your work. That really can take you so very far.

Connections, especially earlier in one's career are extremely important in the entertainment industry. I'm sure Michael will lay a good foundation during his internship. That's a very important component of it.

I worked for HBO for several years and saw so many interns progress to full time work and then move on to even bigger and better things.

Thanks for being so kind in your assessment of my blog. :-) I'm happy to know that it puts something positive out there.

I hope you and your have a wonderful weekend as well. :-)

Harry said...


It's my nieces first visit. But my wife used to live there many years ago.

I just got a recent update: they're having a great time! Window shopping, taking the subway, going out for dinner at interesting restaurants ... the works! And tomorrow night, they're going to a film premier!

Deborah said...

Thanks Harry. I appreciate the feedback and the comments regarding Michaels new adventure.

HBO huh? How cool is that? Were you writing for them or if not do you mind elaborating on what you did at HBO?

You are so right about who you know is so important and making connections can further your career. Coincidentally Michael had been calling into this radio station for the past couple years,winning concert tickets, calling into the show, and texting a couple of the DJ's and apparently developing sort of a friendship with these two DJ's ( they are brothers who work together on the same show) at the station. I think they must have put in a good word for him cause the interviewer hired him on the spot and the DJ's were there poking their heads into the room where the interview was taking place saying Hi Mikey!!!!. lol They had told him a couple of months ago to write up a resume and it was a done deal and I was like..."yeah right" lol The mother in me didnt want him to get his hope up for nothing and having him think these guys actually cared about helping him. So here I sit astonished when he actually HAD networked himself a internship for the summer.

Im guessing this is my wakeup call to be a more supportive mother lol

Anyway thanks again for letting me hijack your blog to pick your brain regarding my entertainment minded son and again I really appreciate the wisdom and imput you have.

You are such an interesting, down to earth guy and Im so glad to have stumbled across your blog because I have learned so much interesting stuff here.

Watching you lose all the weight you want is just the mashed cauliflower on the hamburger!!!!

Harry said...


I mostly worked in a casting and editing capacity at HBO.

Your son's situation sounds great! Having someone to take you "under their wing" is invaluable. How Michael got the job is also a good indicator that his social skills must be really quite excellent - which helps a lot.

Your cautious view about things is completely understandable. I'm sure you're plenty supportive too. You can be both and I'm sure you are.

Enjoy Michael's trip! I'm sure he'll continue to make you proud and surprise you! :-)