Friday, December 5, 2008

Giorno 14

It was a long day at the office. I'm just going to let the picture and food speak for themselves, ladies and gents.

Tomorrow morning I shall (hopefully) sleep and restore my depleted energy levels.

All my best to all of you.

Friday - December 5, 2008

7:30 am

+ one cup of "choco-coffee" - (two tablespoons of pure cocoa powder, one teaspoon of instant coffee, hot water, one packet of stevia + FOS and a splash of half-and-half)

9:00 am

+ a vanilla whey protein shake - (two scoops of natural vanilla whey protein powder, 4 oz of half-and-half and one packet of stevia + FOS)

1:15 pm

+ one cup of "burrito in a bowl" - (ground meat, spicy salsa, sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese and a dash or two of Also Salt)

3:30 pm

+ one cup of instant coffee with a few ounces of half-and-half and a dissolving stevia tab

7:00 pm (pictured above)

+ salmon fillet - (with some cumin, black pepper, sea salt, a tablespoon of Asian marinade and a squeeze of lemon and olive oil)

+ 3/4 of an avocado

+ 1/2 cup of mashed cauliflower

10:30 pm

+ 5 turkey-broccoli "tacos" - (five turkey slices, a dollop of sour cream on each, topped with a heaping of sauteed broccoli and garlic)

+ 5 slices of natural bacon

+ a glass of red wine

More to come ... I hope!


Erika said...

Hi Harry,

Looking forward to the commentary as usual hehehe. And ok, I've come around, I'll be popping out to the shops as soon as I've finished my blog surfing to get the ingredients for the burrito in a bowl! :)

Erika said...

Hi Harry,

Thanks for the burrito recipe! I don't think seasoned mince exists around here... or maybe only in boutique shops. I'll just add some cayenne, paprika, a few other odds and sods. How does that sound? :)

sybil said...

Yum. (I think I said that yesterday too!)

Your pictures are encouraging me to do a little more creative cooking.


Harry said...

That sounds good to me, Erika. :)

Let me know what you think when you try it.

Just one thing, remember that the sour cream mellows things out. So, if you like your "burrito" spicy, add lots of hot stuff. The spicy sauce I use it very, very spicy!

Harry said...

Thanks, Sybil. :)

But, I must place credit where it rightfully belongs. My lovely wife prepared that yummy salmon dish for us. But, I did cook the rib eye last night!

What can I say? We're a team to the end!

PS - Just about everything that we cook is super simple to make. Fast, little prep work, snappy clean-up, etc.

The only exception is that we occasionally use a slow-cooker for certain recipes. I think we may do that over the weekend.

Look out for the pictures!

NewVision said...

Hey Harry,
Just dropping by to say Hello. I do love your pictures.
Have a great weekend.

Harry said...

Back at ya, NewVision.

It's hard to believe but it's sunny and in the low 70's over here! Some Winter!

Solshine said...

Never heard of Also Salt, but it looks awesome! Lysine prevents cold sore break-outs and I take it in spades when I feel one coming on. Definitely going to look into the Also Salt. Thanks!!

The food looks yummy!