Friday, December 19, 2008

Ημέρα είκοσι οχτώ

The One and Only In-n-Out Double Double ("Animal Style"/"Protein Style")

I did it! I made it through a really hard couple of weeks without cracking! No binging. No slip-ups. No self-sabotage!

Today marked my official last day on my current job. Overall, I'm happy about that. I have some concerns about the future but I'm feeling stronger than I have in ages. It's time for a change. A bigger change, in a smaller body!

I varied up today's menu a bit. I handled spicing up lunch myself and my lovely wife brought home an incredibly delicious dinner. A reward for a hard week's battle.

Friday - December 19, 2008

7:30 am

+ one cup of "choco-coffee" - (two tablespoons of pure cocoa powder, one teaspoon of instant coffee, one packet of stevia + FOS and one packet of Also Salt)

+ one tablespoon of coconut oil - (by the spoon!)

9:00 am

+ a vanilla whey protein shake - (two scoops of natural vanilla whey protein powder, 2 oz of heavy cream, 2 oz of half-and-half, one packet of stevia + FOS and one packet of Also Salt)

2:00 pm

+ 3 spinach-feta chicken sausages

+ homemade dip - (sour cream and olive tapenade mixed together)

6:45 pm

+ one cup of instant coffee with a few ounces of half-and-half and a dissolving stevia tab

7:30 pm (pictured above)

+ 2 In-n-Out "Double Doubles" - "animal-style", "protein style" - (two 100% beef patties, grilled onions and two slices of tomato per DD)

note: I didn't eat the lettuce.

11:00 pm

+ a whole avocado, sliced

+ 4 slices of prosciutto

+ a glass of red wine

More to come ... I hope!


Erika said...

Hi Harry,

Well done, that's fantastic work!! I'll have to keep you in mind when I'm going through the same things.... "No, I can't just throw in the towel, Harry didn't!"


Great work, keep it up. And that pic has made me hungry.


Vadim said...

Harry, I had a communication with Jimmy about interviewing you and he didnt mind doing it.I dont think, I know you can help others! For low carb people's sake you have got people there naming food after you! Can you please email Jimmy abnd he will ask you for phone number and you guys can set up a podcast. I and many others would be honored in hearing your experience!

Harry said...

Thanks, Erika!

My advice: Hide the towel. Works for me!

If you ever visit the states, I highly suggest keeping an eye out for In-n-Out. Very tasty. :)

Mr V.,

I'll e-mail Jimmy and report back. :)

I added my two cents worth in yesterday's comment section of Jimmy's Menu Blog.

I just expressed how I was feeling. I don't know if it'll change anything. But, it was worth a try.

Now, I'm off to your blog! :)

Vadim said...

Harry, thanks. Let me know how it goes with Jimmy. Just for sheer entertainment value you can go to pooti blog and fro there to her straight talk link. It will take you to all the crazy comments, where this girl still thinks I am Jimmy pretending to be a russian guy. I am serious, its really true. The comment session where Jimmy called pooit unstable is the Jimmy men blog with 33 comments in it. But if you go to pooti blog menu and then to her straight talk link you will see all the exchanges there as well. Its funny but sad. Some people just dont know when to stop, its crazy!