Saturday, December 27, 2008


Not my picture. Our camera is packed somewhere in our suitcase!

We're on the road. Well, kind of. Our first flight (to Vancouver) was canceled due to poor weather conditions. Ugh.

Hopefully we'll find an alternate route. It's been a tough morning but we're not giving up. All this aggravation will hopefully just add to the enjoyment of the R&R that's to come. :-)

We've arrived! It's about 12:00 am right now. Lots of snow everywhere. We just checked in and had a late night snack/dinner. And now it's time to dream.

Saturday - December 27, 2008

4:30 am !!!

+ a coffee whey protein shake - (4 oz of half-and-half, two scoops of natural vanilla whey protein powder, 1 packet of Also Salt and stevia + FOS and a teaspoon of instant coffee)

9:00 am

+ 3/4 of an avocado

+ 2 oz of sliced natural salami

3:00 pm

+ a cup of instant coffee with a packet of stevia + FOS and a splash of milk

6:00 pm (on the airplane!)

+ a homemade snack of sliced natural salami and aged Gouda cheese

11:00 pm (late night menu from room service)

+ smoked salmon plate with cream cheese

+ several grilled shrimp

+ double-cream Brie cheese

More to come ... I hope!


Oct said...

Have a great trip!

Harry said...

Thanks, October!

I'll try and post some pics ... if we get there!

Erika said...

Hi Harry,

Have fun!!!!

Harry said...

Thanks, Erika!

That's the plan! :)

sybil said...

Colour me green....with jealously!!!