Saturday, December 13, 2008

Annual Holiday Boat Parade

Sorry the picture didn't come out clearer. Oh well ...


Vadim said...

Those bangers look pretty good! I bought low stressed chicken links and will make them as soon as I am finished with my little personal challenge. Today was a preparation of day 1 which I am starting tomorrow. It was good accept that I ate quite a bit of mixed frozen berries. So as soon as my challenge is over, however fast it takes I will make my first meal sausage links with mashed cauliflower, which I love so much. It looks so freaking appetizing!

Anonymous said...

All looks delicious, Harry. Us low carbers know the good stuff. I had some broccoli cooked in oil the other nite, and it's like eating candy! So sweet when you don't eat sweets anymore. The average person would think we were nuts talking about onions, broccoli, cauliflower tasting like candy, huh!

October said...

oooh, I wish I had been there. so cool!

Harry said...

I think you'll enjoy the "bangers and mash", Vadim. :)

Good luck today on your renewed "5 and nuts" plan!

Thanks, Lynn!

The average person thinks I'm nuts regardless of what I eat! ;)

Howdy, October.

It was pretty cool. One of the nice things about living near the water. :)

NewVision said...

That looked like a really fun time. I've never heard of or been to a boat parade. Lucky you!!!!!!!

Doing great Harry, keep it up.

I ALWAYS love the pictures.

Harry said...

Thanks, NewVision.

In my better moments, I do feel pretty dang lucky.

re: the pictures

I've got a plan for dinner. A new dish that I hope will photograph well. Look out for it!

You've been doing really well yourself. I enjoy visiting your blog very much. :)