Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dinner Pics Continued

aged goat and cow's milk cheeses

Loch Duart salmon a la plancha, creme fraiche beanaise


Vadim said...

Harry, I have no doubt that your interivew will be abig success! I really, really do. And hearing a guy who we have grown to respect, love and follow advices will be a treat! I cant wait to hear this interview! Keep up doing a great work that you have been doing, both on this blog and on your other one!

Erika said...

Hey Harry, you inviting people over for dinner any time soon? I might have a taker *wink*

Keep up the good work!

NewVision said...

Great pics Harry! Looks like you were able to keep LC, I love when its so easy.

Harry said...

Thanks, Mr. V! I hope to do you proud! :)

Howdy, Erika.

I wish we could all go out for a dinner like this. You all seem like such a fun bunch! We'd have a blast!

My wife was just mentioning that she would like to entertain more ... hmmm. :)

Thanks, NewVision. I still get a little nervous when eating in such situations. I wonder if I'll truly be able to find good options. Especially when we go to some place new.

It was easy this time. I was able to eat straight off the menu. But, when it's not easy, one thing that I find helpful is to ask for some substitutions - if the original menu doesn't meet my needs. Most places are willing to work with you if you ask them to.

Erika said...

Well, pencil me in! I'll be in the USA in 2010 (which is only a year and a half away) so I'll be on your doorstep, appetite in tow, in now time!

Harry said...

Sounds like a plan, Erika!:)