Friday, December 12, 2008

Dia Vinte Um

Medium-Rare Rib Eye Steak with Homemade Creamed Spinach

It's Friday! Hooray! Happy dance! Happy dance!

I'm just finishing up some editing work and looking forward to heading home to be with my lady. We've got a rib-eye, sliced Roma tomatoes and creamed spinach on the menu for dinner tonight.

Oh baby! Look out for that picture later!

Friday - December 12, 2008

7:30 am

+ one cup of "choco-coffee" - (two tablespoons of pure cocoa powder, one teaspoon of instant coffee, one packet of stevia + FOS and one packet of Also Salt)

+ one tablespoon of coconut oil (by the spoon!)

9:00 am

+ a vanilla whey protein shake - (two scoops of natural vanilla whey protein powder, 2 oz of half-and-half, 2 oz of heavy cream, one packet of stevia + FOS and one packet of Also Salt)

1:45 pm

+ homemade tuna salad - (tuna packed in olive oil, sour cream, horseradish mustard, grilled onions and Also Salt)

5:45 pm

+ one cup of instant coffee with a few ounces of heavy cream and a dissolving stevia tab

8:00 pm

+ sliced rib eye steak

+ homemade creamed spinach

11:00 pm

+ 6 thin slices of natural ham

+ 1 sliced avocado

+ a glass of red wine

More to come ... I hope!


bayoubabe said...

a rib eye sounds terrific !! Keep up the great work !

Erika said...

Hi Harry,

The pic looks delicious.... ish hahahaha. I'm sure it was drool-worthy. The tuna salad caught my eye though, what was that like? I rarely think of something as a salad if it doesn't have lettuce in it.

Harry said...

Thanks, BayouBabe. It was pretty terrific.

I'll keep on trying. I promise you that! :) You do the same, okay?

Harry said...

Thanks, Erika! It was delicious. My wife claims it's the best steak she's ever had! High praise indeed. :)

I think I may not have described my lunch very well. By "tuna salad" I meant something like the filling of a "tuna salad sandwich".

I'm not sure if it's the same where you're at but over here, that's a pretty popular sandwich.

It basically consists of tuna, mayo, relish, sometimes chopped celery and spices (usually). That's the "salad" part of the sandwich. Sometimes they'll add a leaf of lettuce between the bread and the "salad" though.

Anyhow, I really like simple one-dish meals - especially for lunch. That's why I make things like the "burrito in a bowl" or the "tuna salad".

Solshine said...

I am definitely a one dish kinda gal, myself, Harry. Makes it easy to transport to work, too.

I add boiled eggs to my tuna salad or sometimes I fix it with basalmic vinegar, red onions and, in times past, white beans.

I had to LOL! at Erika's comment that salad generally has lettuce in it. True but we have so many that don't, don't we? Chicken, Waldorf, Potato and Bing Cherry are a few others.

Erika said...

OK let's get into language hehe.

A 'tuna salad sandwich' usually has tuna and greens and other salad items in it. It's actually a green salad with tuna, roughly.

A 'tuna mix sandwich' is where the tuna has been mixed into a sort of lumpy spread with mayo, corn, peas, spring onions, etc. This is spread onto the sandwich alone (or with a thin layer of lettuce like you say). I can't stand it, I find they put way too much mayo in to make the paste spread further.

Did you say you caramelise the onions for it though? That's a new idea... hmmm ... got me thinking....

Harry said...

Good day, Erika.

I guess what I had was closer to a "tuna mix salad" filling.

I did indeed caramelize the onions. I love grilled onions. Mmmm.

I should note that my tuna-filling isn't too similar to the variety you may be familiar with. The reason for this is that I use sour cream instead of mayo. I also use a horseradishy German mustard. Both of those items, combined with the tuna in olive oil and the onions makes for some good eats ... in my book anyhow. :)

My wife disagrees. She thinks the sour cream makes it "too tangy". Oh well ... more for me! :)