Sunday, September 20, 2009

297, 298 and 299

Menu highlights from the past few days:

+ Thursday Night - salmon fillets in a butter/lemon/white wine sauce over some homemade mashed cauliflower

+ Friday Night - Leftovers. Cowboy burger and an organic avocado.

+ Saturday (Casino) Night - Our local casino/card room makes a pretty mean grilled salmon. I always order it with a side of steamed broccoli and nothing else. To drink - a bottle of water. My fellow card players frequently comment on my food selection. I guess it's something that isn't often ordered in that setting. :)

Mad makes some interesting choices at the casino as well. For dinner she ordered a tuna fish sandwich with avocado slices. She eats everything but the bread! The food at Hollywood Park Casino is surprisingly decent ... if you choose carefully.

+ Sunday Brunch - organic, omega-3 cheesy eggs, natural center cut bacon and organic avocado

+ Sunday Dinner - 4 Pasilla peppers stuffed with organic feta and provolone cheese

More to come ... I hope!


~Oct said...

How did you do at the casino? Did you uphold your gaming pride? :) I think it's funny and cute how Cro can get so competitive and wrapped up in his success or loss when playing cards ... my dad too. I guess it's a male bonding sort of thing. Hope it was loads of fun!!

Harry/JP said...

Thanks, Oct!

We ended up breaking even. Not bad for a full night's entertainment. :-)

We both can get pretty competitive (when playing against others). But in the end, we like to play because it's fun. Though I must admit that it's more fun when we have a winning session. :-)

My best to you and Cro!

anne h said...

I had salmon for the first time in a fancy *uptown* kind of place...not too shabby!

Harry/JP said...


Happy to hear it. Salmon can be one of the healthiest of all foods.

If you ever decide to cook it at home, I'll pass along a YouTube video that I've been using as a guide. So simple.

The key to salmon (IMO), is to buy good quality fish and to make sure not to overcook it. There's a world of difference between dry and moist salmon. That one factor can tip the scale from blah to delicious.

anne h said...

Yeah, this was like, 5 days ago.
I never had salmon before.
$30 a plate kind of deal.
Fancy -schmancy - dinner, eh?
Now THAT's Nurse appreciation in action!

Vadim said...

I like to make salmon patty out of canned salmon, especially when I dont have time to cook. its really easy and simple. i do however buy alaskan variety so its not farmed. Lots of people dont know but farming salmon is prohibited in Alaska. I drain the whole can and add two eggs, almond flour, spices and mushroom with sauteed spincah. Comes out pretty good!

Harry/JP said...

You deserve it, Anne! :-)

Harry/JP said...

Sounds delicious and healthy, Mr. V!

Keep on with that!