Sunday, September 27, 2009

Days 300 - 306

My week of low carb living in three sentences.

1. My weight is remaining stable - right around the 180 lbs mark.

2. I've been adding organic cinnamon to my coconut peanut butter protein pudding and shakes. Why? It may help manage long term blood sugar levels. Link - The Latest on Cinnamon and Blood Sugar

3. I'm weening myself of of diet soda - even Hansen's (more natural than most diet soda). Here's why and what I'm drinking instead: Link - All Natural, Sugar Free Soda Alternatives

Select highlights from our low carb menus:

Monday - LC Coconut Peanut Butter Protein Pudding - a few ounces of organic shredded coconut, 3 ice cubes + cold water, a scoop of natural vanilla egg white protein, organic sprouted flax meal, 2 Tbs of organic peanut butter, 2 packets of stevia + inulin, 1/2 tsp of organic cinnamon and Also Salt

Tuesday - 2 organic Roma tomatoes topped with organic sour cream, raw Manchego (sheep's milk) cheese and several slices of natural, peppered salami

Wednesday - In-n-Out 3x3 cheeseburger (w/no bun) and grilled onions and sliced organic avocado

Thursday - shrimp and organic avocado slices

Friday - Cajun (spicy) catfish and homemade mashed cauliflower

Saturday - beef brisket (from Whole Foods Market) and mashed cauliflower

Sunday - 3 sunny side up organic, omega-3 sunny side up eggs on a bed of mashed cauliflower and several slices of natural bacon

Favorite Snack of the Week - Eden Organic Pumpkin Seeds (Regular and Spicy Varieties)

I like having some pumpkin seeds and a True Blueberry or Tangerine Zinger "Soda" as a late night snack. Lots of antioxidants, healthy fat, fiber, nutrients and protein.


Angie said...

Great job on the soda weaning!

Loved your article on it :)

Harry/JP said...

Thanks, Angie!

We just tried making a "soda"out of a tea blend called "Tangerine Orange Zinger" (also by Celestial Seasonings). Pretty tasty. We both liked it.

Hope you're having a great weekend!

anne h said...

Here in Texas, they sell alot of tea. Every kind under the sun. I am always trying out different flavours.
What fun!

Harry/JP said...

So that's the secret to your super strength, eh? ;-)

anne h said...

That, and my Samson-like hair.

Harry/JP said...

Ha! That's the secret of my success too!

Anonymous said...

I really love sparkling mineral water plain and would just drink that, but I have mixed it with tiny amounts of grapefruit soda that I found at the store. I cant remember what kind it was, but it was a natural variety. I need to go get more and see exactly whats in it though. Still I think its better than drinking it straight to mix it.

Also I love plain iced tea, and keep pitcher of it in the fridge. I do notice not feeling as "well" when I drink too many sodas. All those chemicals!!

Great article on soda!

Harry/JP said...

Thanks, Nancy!

Angie said...

Cinnamon.... so awesome! I even found some cute little cinnamon sticks that I've been stirring my coffee with.... Have a great weekend to you and your beautiful wife!


Harry/JP said...

Great idea, Angie. :-)

I hope you and yours have a fantastic weekend as well.

Mad sends her best!