Friday, September 11, 2009


We went to see a play last night. It was an odd (and occasionally funny) duck called, "Matthew Modine Saves the Alpacas".

10:30 am

+ a mug of LC ChocoCoffee (2-3 tablespoons of organic cocoa powder, 1 tsp of organic instant coffee, 2 packets of stevia and inulin, a dash of Also Salt and hot water)

12:00 pm

+ an LC Coconut Peanut Butter Protein Shake - 1 Tbs of organic coconut "butter", 3 ice cubes + cold water, a scoop of natural vanilla egg white protein, organic sprouted flax meal, 2 Tbs of organic peanut butter, 2 packets of stevia + inulin and Also Salt

3:00 pm

+ a strong cup of organic white tea (3 tea bags worth)

5:00 pm

+ an LC Mocha Coconut Protein Shake - 1 Tbs of organic coconut "butter" and cold water, a scoop of natural vanilla whey protein, organic sprouted flax meal, 3 Tbs of organic cocoa, 3 ice cubes, a tsp of organic instant coffee and a dash of organic stevia and Also Salt

7:30 pm (dinner on the go)

+ shrimp cocktail - no sauce

+ an assortment of artisan cheeses

11:00 pm

+ spicy, organic pumpkin seeds

+ natural, peppered salami

+ Italian spinach dip

More to come ... I hope!


Anonymous said...

do you get Also Salt online or at the store? I just use regular salt, but since AlsoSalt has potassium maybe I should get some of that.

Harry/JP said...


I buy it directly from the manufacturer. I haven't seen it around at my local markets or health food stores.

The potassium is one of the primary reasons why I use it. I also think it adds a little something (taste-wise) to my shakes.

Vadim said...

Harry, you did it again! Radishes and raosted chicken? And it tastes like potato! I came from Idaho version of state in russia. My mom literally knows 300 recipes out of potato. i am not sure I can do that many with radishes, but I ll give it a try. Thanks!

anne h said...

Hi JP - I'm home again, and catching up.
All is well, well, and I can't wait for another road trip!

Erika said...

What was for dinner today? :)

Hope you had a good day!

Harry/JP said...

It tastes pretty darn close, in my opinion, Vadim. :-)

Next time, I'll cook them a little longer, under salt them and add some herbs to make them even better - maybe some rosemary.

300 recipes! That sounds like mouth watering madness! :-D

Please let me know if you try these out and how you make them - Russian-style. I'd love to learn about it.

Hope you're doing well, Mr. V. I think of you often and wish only for the best for you and yours.

Harry/JP said...

Welcome home, Anne!

I'm happy to know you're back, safe and sound. :-)

I hope your trip was fun and successful. Maybe you'll catch us up on what happened? Maybe you already did and I haven't seen it yet. I'm behind in so many areas ... :-(

Have a smashing weekend, Sister Anne.

Harry/JP said...

Thanks, Erika!

I'm a bit behind but I'll try to catch up now!

I'll be by to visit your blog later. I hope you're spirits are on the rise! Hang in there!

anne h said...

I love the little alpacas.
How cute is that!

Harry/JP said...

Super cute. Unfortunately, the only alpacas in the shows were puppets. :-( I was somehow hoping for real ones. :-)

Maybe that's not such a bad thing considering were right next to the stage.