Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So Far So Good!

Hello All!

I've been scooting right along on the LC program. Yesterday marked week four and so far I've lost 7 pounds! I'm happy with the slow and steady progress. After the week that I gained one and a half pounds, I decided to count my carbs very carefully. I tend to consume lots of "hidden carbs", such as half and half in a few cups of coffee daily and diet juices (I hate the taste of water. There. I've said it.) Anyway, the scale started moving in the right direction again once I started keeping careful track of my consumption. I hope to keep up the good fight! In the meantime, summer is almost over and I've hit the ground running. Not sure if you guys know what I do for a living, but I run Meg Ryan's film and television production company. We're small, but pretty busy these days and gearing up for a busy fall season. I hope you are all doing well. I don't get to check in with you all every day, but Harry keeps me posted!
Warm regards,


cilla said...

Madeline do glad to know you are doing well with your weight loss,way to go sweetie :) stop by sometime and know i enjoy reading your entrys.cilla

anne h said...

Good job on the progress.
There are hidden carbs, for sure. They lurk around, just waiting! But once you know how to avoid them, it's easy too walk. on. by.

~Oct said...

Congrats on the success Mad! That is great progress and best yet is the enthusiasm and happiness you are showing for what you are doing! I didn't know what you do for a living but it sounds like it would be both exciting and challenging ... great things to get from a career. :)

Anonymous said...

Madeleine, thats an interesting career you have!
Hurray for your weight loss! For me low carb seems to cause very slow but steady weight loss. But then it stays off whereas with other diets where I lost very quick I would gain it back and more.

Angie said...

Meg Ryan is my favorite! I'm so star-struck! I have loved her since You've Got Mail! Must be a fun and exciting job. Congrats on your weight loss... You are doing great, Mad! I must confess, I love diet pepsi. Waaaay too much!

Harry/JP said...

Dear Ladies,

Thank you so much for your wonderful encouragement. It's easy to see why my husband enjoys you all so much!

Angie: If you'd like me to send you a personalized and autographed photo of Meg, just e-mail your address to Harry and he'll get it to me.

Keep up the good work everybody!

Warm regards,


Harry/JP said...

Oops - That last post was dictated to me by my lovely wife.

I read all your messages out loud to Mad and she asked me to reply!

Sorry for the confusion!

Angie said...

Mad - That would be fabulous! I would be totally thrilled and honored. You are too sweet! I bet she is so fun to work for. THANK you so much!

Harry - now where can I send you my mailing address?

Lots of low carb yumminess and success to you both!

Harry/JP said...


You can send it to

The pic will be on it's way soon! :-)