Monday, August 30, 2010

My Low Carb Alternate Day Fasting Experiment - Day 7

It's Monday and my fourth ADF day. I'm looking forward to it. Odd, eh? I need to prepare a recipe for HF so I'll skip my usual meal replacement and simply have an actual meal instead - lamb burgers with sliced tomatoes.

Wake Up Time: 10:00 AM. Fell Asleep: 2:00 AM.

10:20 AM - a cup of organic coffee (black)

10:45 AM - Blood Pressure: 106/62. Blood Sugar: 71 mg/dL

11:45 AM - a strong cup of organic white tea (3 tea bags)

3:00 PM - a homemade LC lamb burger with a garlic yogurt sauce, sliced tomatoes and grilled broccoli, a 1/2 glass of organic red wine (Syrah) + the majority of my daily supplements

6:00 PM - a cup of organic black coffee

8:00 PM - a strong cup of Traditional Medicinals' Every Day Detox tea (2 tea bags)

10:15 PM - a strong cup of organic chamomile tea (3 tea bags)

Note: I'll post the recipe and more information about the lamb burger and yogurt sauce tomorrow on HF. We think it turned out great. Can't wait to try it again!

More to come ... I hope!


anne h said...


Harry/JP said...

Oh yeah! The true test is you'd like to eat it again and again. We do! :-)

SheZug said...

I wonder if your sauce and my sauce are similar. We have two versions, one for home and one for the restaurant.

Harry/JP said...


The sauce is quite simple but very flavorful:

1 cup of whole milk Greek yogurt

the juice from 1/2 organic lemon

6 roasted garlic cloves

2 Tbs of (garlic-infused) organic extra virgin olive oil

freshly ground organic pepper

Nutrasalt or salt to taste

Press the roasted garlic into a paste and mix in with the other ingredients.

anne h said...

Do you make the garlic infused OO?
Or does it come that way already?

Harry/JP said...


Here's what we do:

Put a few tablespoons of organic EVOO in a small frying pan. Turn the heat on low. Smash several cloves of organic garlic, remove the skins and then place in the low-heat pan. Allow the garlic to become soft and slightly golden on all sides. This process mellows the garlic and makes it downright delectable. Also, some of the garlic essence infuses into the EVOO. The whole process takes about 15 to 20 minutes.