Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Low Carb Alternate Day Fasting Experiment - Day 2

Just getting something down to start the day. Will refine the information later, I hope.

Woke up at 6:45 AM. Had a cup of organic coffee with a splash of unsweetened, vanilla almond milk at about 7:00 AM. Took my blood pressure and sugar at 8:15 AM:
  • Blood Sugar: 75 mg/dL
  • Blood Pressure: 121/64
8:45 AM - About to have breakfast: a cup of Greek yogurt (Fage), a Tbs of Nature's Hollow sugar-free strawberry preserves and a few ounces of raw organic pecans + my morning supplements.

1:00 PM - a cup of organic black coffee

2:15 PM - a large piece of LC Eggplant Parmesan and a glass of red wine (organic Syrah) + my mid-day supplements

4:45 PM - an LC Tropical Berry Popsicle

8:15 PM - pulled pork (from Whole Foods), homemade guacamole (organic avocado, organic lemon juice, organic shallot, red pepper flakes, NutraSalt and organic black pepper) and Domingo's Traditional Chicharrones

10:30 PM - Traditional Medicinals' Every Day Detox tea - two teabags

Notes: I felt a few hunger pangs while falling asleep last night. I noticed them but wasn't consumed by them. It's possible that I was too tired to care? Even this morning, I detected some hunger in the background of my consciousness but it doesn't interfere with what needs to get done.


anne h said...

Great idea, JP.
I think I'll join you!

Harry/JP said...

That would be awesome, Anne! :-)

Harry/JP said...

One of the advantages! ;-)