Monday, August 16, 2010

Eggplant Parmesan Recipe

... will be posted tomorrow. Just finished making it and trying it out. Delicious with a capital D. The health info, nutritional content and recipe will be up soon on HF. I'll link back to it once it's up.

Recipe Link: Flourless Eggplant Parmesan

Tip o' the week - Not all Greek yogurts have similar nutritional content. The best I've found so far on the LC tip is the Fage brand. The highest protein and the lowest carb count out there.


anne h said...

Love the Greek Yogurt.
Love that the LoCarb-ers love it, too!

~Oct said...

oh yum, that looks wonderful JP.

Harry/JP said...

I do love it, Anne. So delicious and healthy. :-)

Will be by to visit soon. The in-laws are over for a visit. Got our hands full but happily so.

My best to you and Mad's too!

Harry/JP said...

It is so decadent, Oct. You really don't miss any of the higher carb additions in the original - the breading, etc.

We both loved it and hope you and Cro love it too!

PS - We used a new sugar-free tomato sauce line by Mario Batali. Highly recommended.

Vadim said...

I am catching up on your menu blog and healthy fellow. As usual it is amazing how informative and relaxing your style is. I will be back more often now. I have had some rough times but hopefully a bit of sun had risen!

Harry/JP said...

Great to have you back, Vadim! You've been missed.

I hope the coming times will bring lots of much need light into your life. Stay strong and know that many people out there are wishing you and yours well. :-)