Saturday, August 21, 2010

Alternate Day Fasting Experiment

I'm considering a trial run of ADF. It *seems* as though life may be slowing down enough for me to actually manage it. By that, I mean less travel and no major visits from family or friends in the foreseeable future. For those of you who aren't familiar with alternate day fasting, here's my version of a primer:

Link: ADF Interview Part 1

Link: ADF Interview Part 2

I'm still in the planning stages. But if I go through with it, I'll document my journey here and on HF.

Update: I think this is going to happen. I've already started coming up with a game plan - recipes for my ADF days. That means I'm excited/passionate about the idea on some level. A good sign. More to come soon.

A little music before I depart. I used listen to a band called Cracker back in the 90's. Last year they came out with a new album. I just discovered it a couple of weeks ago. A few of the tunes I've heard are pretty catchy. It's interesting to watch rock stars age.

Cracker - Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey

Cracker - Turn On, Tune In and Drop Out Me


Vadim said...

I am ready to cheer you on my friend! I think it would be a wonderful experiment! And if you do, please be specific as far as timingg goes and your overall feelings. I tried it before but couldnt stick to it. I know you will be successful, no doubt!

Harry/JP said...

Thank you, Vadim! :-)

I'm ready to start it up. My only consideration is whether to do blood work before and after to further document the effects of ADF.

Blood work or not ... I will most certainly try to be specific along the way. I'll also be ready to field any questions if you should have any.

~Oct said...

I like Cracker. :) First time I've heard them but I like them lots. Best of luck with the ADF experiment, like Vadim I'm very interested in your method and results!

Harry/JP said...

Thank you, Oct. :-)

I've officially started my ADF experiment today. This will be a fasting day.

I plan to use my recent blood analysis as a baseline measure. I'll also engage in a few home tests along the way - blood pressure, blood sugar, weight. Then I'll spring for another blood test in about 3 months.

More to come in an upcoming post.

anne h said...

Love the plan!
Here's to your success!

Harry/JP said...

Thank you, Anne! :-)