Saturday, August 7, 2010

24 Hours of LCing

It's been a long time since I've posted a full day's menu. So I thought I'd post one in case it's of interest and/or value to anyone out there. As a frame of reference, my weight is remaining stable - at about the 185 lbs mark. My original goal weight represents an 80 - 85 lbs total weight loss from my highest weight.

Friday, August 6th 2010

Breakfast: 1 cup of organic cottage cheese, 1 Tbs of Nature's Hollow (Sugar-Free) Strawberry Fruit Preserves and 1/3 cup of organic, raw walnuts

Lunch: Braised Brussels sprouts, naturally cured prosciutto & salami and a few spoonfuls of organic sour cream - I like to put a small dollop of sour cream on thinly sliced cured meat and eat it like a roll up.

Dinner: Roasted artichoke hearts with a creamy herb dip, a rib eye steak, sauteed Parmesan spinach and a glass of red wine (Syrah). Also, a bite of Mad's crab cake - with little to no bread crumbs.

Late Night Snack: 1 cup of Greek yogurt, 1 Tbs of NH Apricot Fruit Preserves and 1/3 cup of organic, raw walnuts

I also had several cups of organic coffee throughout the day. Some of it was "black" and some of it included some added organic cinnamon powder and unsweetened, vanilla almond milk (Blue Diamond).

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend. Ours started out well by seeing "Inception" in IMAX and going out for an LC dinner last night. Good times. :-)

PS - I just documented our recent trip to Martha's Vineyard here: LC Trippin'. I discussed a few strategies we used to stick with our preferred diet plan and examples of what we ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner while away.


SheZug said...

I bought some cottage cheese and pecans with your breakfast in mind. I have some sugar free strawberry jam to mix in. That's my lunch plan for tomorrow.

Great menu!

Harry/JP said...

Thanks, SheZug! :-)

The cottage cheese breakfast really reminds me of my youth. My folks used to mix cottage cheese with orange marmalade and put it on toast. I don't currently have any Purity Bread to put it on. But the nuts give a granola-like quality which also works. We used to eat that mix in our home too.

I guess what I'm saying is ... welcome to the family! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

anne h said...

80 -85 pounds is a great!
Love ya, Harry/JP